The best ever stuffing mix I have made.

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    • The best ever stuffing mix I have made.

      Turkey stuffing (could be used on any meats really):

      3/4 cup almond meal
      1 tbs coconut oil
      1 spring onion finely diced
      2-3 garlic cloves finely chopped
      1-2 tbs dried basil
      2/3 cup preserved cranberries
      salt and pepper to taste
      1 cup sav blank white wine

      Put cranberries and basil in a bowl pour over wine add s&p then in microwave for 1-2 Min until it has bubbled up.

      When cool add all other ingredients and mix well let stand for about an hour in fridge

      At the last moment when you have washed out the turkey add 2 good tsp baking powder to the stuffing mix and mix well.

      Then stuff the turkey

      Rub turkey with coconut oil and place on a rack into the oven bag tie off end and put that all into a baking tray making sure the oven bag doesn't hang over the tray.

      The pop it into a preheated oven 180c cook for 3/4 the required cooking time then add the vegs and turn up to 200 and cook until the vegs are nicely crisped.

      Let the turkey rest for 15 minutes before carving while the vegs are finishing off.

      The oven bag should have lots of juice in it to make your gravy hence the need to put turkey onto a rack.
      Bron Doingit
      Now to maintain.....hard work! :D