Ozgal's new and improved easy peasy pancakes - only 4.34g carb!

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    • Ozgal's new and improved easy peasy pancakes - only 4.34g carb!

      Low Carb Easy Peasy Pancakes (serves 1 person, makes 3 good sized pancakes)

      A photo of my attempt at Ozgal's Easy Peasy / Cream Cheese Pancakes:

      I have tweaked the recipe and omitted the cinnamon (surprised at carb count for cinnamon) and Splenda granulated (use Splenda tablets - much less in carbs).

      These pancakes are light and fluffy - served my sister-in-law these last Sunday topped with strawberries and maple syrup (she is not low carbing) and she felt so spoilt.

      Low Carb Easy Peasy Pancakes

      Serves 1

      Philadelphia cream cheese 60g
      Egg, 2 medium egg (55-64g)
      Splenda (tablet) 6 tablet [edit: I omit but just swap for a tablespoon of preferred sweetener if needed - Sherrie]
      vanilla extract, 1 tsp
      baking powder, 1 tsp

      1.Put cream cheese in small mixing bowl and microwave on high for 30 secs.
      2.Crush Splenda tabs and mix into cream cheese together with Vanilla extract with whisk.
      3.Lightly beat eggs and add a little at a time to cream cheese mix. Will curdle at first but whisky continuously until smooth.
      4.Coat heavy based frypan with cooking spray and pour 1/3 of mixture into pan. Cook gently until first side is cooked, flip and cook other side.
      5.Set aside on heated plate.
      Options: Serve with strawberries and ricotta cheese, or sprinkle pancakes with cinnamon. (Don't forget to add carbs for extras)

      Nutritional Information
      Energy (kJ) 1518.62
      Energy (Cals) 362.78
      Protein (g) 17.90
      Total Fat (g) 29.96
      Carbohydrate (g) 4.34
      Dietary Fibre (g) 0.05

      Original recipe here: Easy Peasy Pancakes 7.65g carb total (makes 3 pancakes)

      Chicken crepes version here: ozgal's creamy chicken crepes (5.4g carbs per serve)

      The post was edited 3 times, last by Sherrie: add photo of cream cheese pancakes etc ().

    • Hi Ozgal,

      When you use the Philly, do you use the regular or the light block version (I used the light spreadable and they turned out a little runny).

      Here's somethings you might like to try as well:
      1) Use a zester and scrape some zest off a lemon or orange to add a little citrus zing (you don't need much to give it a lift, maybe 2-3 scrapes with the zester)

      2) to make a low carb berry sauce put a few frozen raspberries (I use 1/4 cup measure) and two splenda tablets in a cup and microwave for a minute. Makes a great tangy berry sauce which is warm and lovely on cold mornings which will work out about 2g CHO depending on how many grams raspberries you use.

    • When you use the Philly, do you use the regular or the light block version (I used the light spreadable and they turned out a little runny).

      I think you will find that the spreadable isn't recommended for cooking, I always use the regular philly in the block. The light has slightly less fat, and extra carbs.
      p.s I love the sound of your berry sauce!!
    • Hee hee! I just re-read my post and noticed I didn't say what to do with the lemon zest! (Just put it in the pancake batter)

      I made some French Toast a few mornings ago as a bit of an experiment (and I needed a change from the cereal!). I allow myself one slice of Burgen Soy-Lin bread per day as I am on a slightly higher carb allowance than most on this forum. It has 12g carbs per slice but it is such a lovely dense grainy bread (with a low GI and lost of linseeds) that one slice is quite filling.

      For those who can have a few extra carbs and are looking for a change from low carb cereal (and bacon and eggs) are interested:

      Beat one egg and add a teaspoon of cream and some lemon zest.
      Soak the bread in the egg mixture until most of it has been soaked up (about three-quarters will soak into the bread).
      Fry the bread in some butter (I used 15g).
      Top with the warm raspberry sauce from my post above.
    • I'm so glad you liked them Worpec.

      They are wonderful, aren't they?

      I agree they certainly help break the monotony of eggs for breakfast.

      I get creative sometimes and make a filling of ricotta cheese and cottees diet jam mixed together, spread them onto the pancakes, roll them up and top with a drizzle of unwhipped lite cream. Oooh....some grated cadbury lite chocolate on top of that would be nice....ideas are always floating around in my brain! I think I'll try that for brekky tomorrow. I can only get the Cadbury Lite chocolate from one local supermarket out of three. The Prahran Safeway store off Chapel Street. Coles do not have it and neither does Hawksburn Safeway. I am too scared to buy it in bulk cos I might be tempted to eat it by the bar! So, I'm constantly running out.

      I'm also going to buy some of the Creative Gourmet frozen berries - to make the berry sauce Sanuk suggested.

      I also have an ice-cream maker and have toyed with the idea of a scoop of low carb ice-cream on top....as a dessert treat (or as a PMT emergency meal).

      I can't wait till my Atkins sugar free pancake syrup arrives from GNC in Prahran - possibly a week away. I just hope the Atkins topping tastes okay as I've been waiting ages for it to come in.

    • Atkins Maple Syrup


      I am a newby:p Can you please tell me who is GNC and how I can contact them to order some maple syrup.

      Also, does anybody know if a brown sugar substitute is available in Australia.

      Have just joined tonight and have been reading all the posts. They are great. I have learned so much.

      Many thanks to all
    • Hi Welcome,

      Just do a search of the boards here and you will fnd all the posts that mention GNC. GNC is a chain of shops that sell vitamins and health foods (although they are not purely a health food shop that carries all health food lines. They carry some Atkins products, and also carry other brands of protein bars and protein powders and such. There is a toll free number to ring for orders which should come up in your search.

      I know there is a brown sugar substitute in America but unfortunately none that I know of in Australia.

      Hope you enjoy the Low Carb Way Of Life.


      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!
    • Thank you Ozgal. :)

      This is like a whole new world. I have been reading all sorts of info and looking at recipes from all over the web. Have yet to try them - living mostly on bacon, eggs, lettuce and tuna at the moment.

      I am really surprised that the recipes all look so good, but am wondering how they actually TASTE. Seems from my reading that soy flour doesn't taste so good????

      I have fibromyalgia, insulin resistance and heaps of food allergies. I thought I was really doomed :( but after reading all these great recipes I am feeling a lot happier :D
    • Hi Minkie,

      My recipe here for easy peasy pancakes does not contain soy flour. The taste of the pancakes is in the good to very good category (my own rating here, chuckle). I do not like average food and would regard myself as something of a gourmet eater. Plain and simple does not do it for me. I was brought up with the average Australian fare - cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and three veg and meat for dinner. I hated it! I was dying for something saucy, rich and delicious. I cried over my dried up forequarter chops and cold mashed pumpkin many, many times and when mum wasn't looking would scoop up the tear-sodden food and put it into my undies (gross, I know....but I hated that food!) and I would make a hasty retreat and flush it down the loo. Don't ask about my messy undies...I don't know how I kept that hidden from my mum. She also used to make us eat junket (gag!!!!!) and my sister and Iwould throw it out our bedroom window. It was like an off tasting custard floating in some kind of foul tasting liquid.

      Anyway, I married an Italian (mmmmm......pizza, lasagna, ravioli...flavour, spice....woohoo). My husband does not do the cooking but for the first ten years of our marriage would just let me know if it was edible or not. I used to serve him Campbell's tinned meat sauce on top of spaghetti (it was his turn to cry...but I never found spare food in his jocks --- LOL).

      So, it took me a while to reproduce dishes that could sit proudly alongside his mamma's but eventually I mastered the subtleties of Italian cuisine.

      Alas, for me, though....with my new Low carb lifestyle I am once again learning to tweak my favourite recipes. Hence, the pancakes and a few other things I've created in the past months. I am just about to cook up some broccoli, cauliflower and roasted chicken in some kind of creamy sauce (still working out how to do it) and will put this mixture inside my savoury crepes (easy peasy pancake recipe but with savoury additions, paprika, parsley, salt, pepper and little grated cheese). I use a crepe maker machine and they turn out pretty good. I'm confident these will turn out. Avocado and mushroom in the filling would also be good additions.

      So, I suppose the way our food tastes is totally up to our own preferences, our cooking experience, and ability to adapt old favourites to the low carb way of eating.

      I have also purchased an ice-cream maker, a cream-whipper and a Bamix (handheld stab mixer) to my array of kitchen appliances. I find these invaluable as I can make my own products and know exactly what is in them. I have become sick and tired of checking labels in the supermarket in my search for sugar free items. My ice-cream, cream and other recipes are tailor made and often tastier than the mass produced, sugar laden choices available in the Australian marketplace.

      As usual, I have rambled on...but hope these thoughts help in some way.


      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!
    • Dear Ozgal,

      Tried your easy peasy pancakes on Sunday and they were the absolute best!!!!!.. I couldn't believe that they were just like pancakes only better. I had mine plain this time but will experiment with other toppings and fillings.

      Thank you very much for sharing that with us. It is and was truly appreciated.

      Any more????

      onward ever onward
    • Hi Cate,

      I have just posted my recipe for creamy chicken crepes in the recipe section.

      I was a bit bored and have been trying to come up with something new and tasty for lunch.

      Well, they have my vote (but them I'm biased, chuckle).

      Let me know what you think if you make them.


      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!
    • Okay Ozgal, I tried these pancakes. Lets just say it wasn't pretty. Regardless of how much oil I put in the pan or the temperature, the pancakes stuck. They were also SUPER flat- didn't rise at all. What am I doing wrong? Also, do you think that I could make them with no/less splenda, because I found them to be quite sweet- maybe I come from a crazy family (well, I actually do), but I'm just not used to sweet pancakes because we never put sugar in the batter.

      Please help me. I was so excited and now I am ready to huddle in the corner and cry!
    • OMG!! these pancakes are the best!!!
      Thankyou so much for this recipe, i really thought i was going to go mad if i had to face more eggs for breakfast!
      I just made them up tonight and tried them, they worked out so well, and i am an absolutley hopeless cook. They were much better than my old normal pancakes because they were so much lighter and everything. Im going to try savory ones as well.. ohh, just think of the possibilities. I fed some of these to my little brother and my mum, and they were really impressed. This is after i made them try my failed attemts at choc mousse and truffles.:rolleyes:

      So, anyone who hasnt tried this, i really really reccomend it! i found mine were great just by themselves, but i think with diet jam or something would be great to.

      Just one question Ozgal, can you make the mixture up the night before and keep it in the fridge? it would save a lot of time in the morning, but im not sure if the mixture would keep too well.

      Thanks again!

    • Re: Ozgal's new and improved easy peasy pancakes - only 4.34g carb!

      Hi Sherrie,

      Hope you like them.
      I actually had these for lunch today. I used 1 tsp xylitol to sweeten the mix as I no longer use Splenda these days.
      My electronic scales have just lost power (need 9 volt battery).
      Guessed amount of cream cheese, probably bit more than in original recipe (about 80 g).

      This made three large golden pancakes.

      Topped them with Queen's sugar free pancake syrup.


      Ozgal (LCHF looks like the plan for me)

      It's all about the journey!