3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

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    • 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      Has anyone failed to lose weight on BT?

      I'm 3 weeks in and I did initially lose 4kg in the first week, however since then I have basically gone up 2kg and stayed at this for 2 weeks.

      My husband has lost 5kg, which was in the first week, and then gained some and is now back to the 5kg loss, which again has not changed for a few days.

      Last weekend we visited Sydney for a friend's birthday so unfortunately we had a pretty bad 2 days however we tried really hard at eating protein and veg where we could. Alcohol would be the main issue there. The thing is, we weighed ourselves before we went and our weights were the same as the week before and remain the same.

      I feel we have been really good. keeping to the protein portion sizes. If anything we have not been eating as much veg as we should. We figured we would limit veg last week due to having bad weekend in Sydney. Basically do protein only again as per the 3 day detox.

      This week we have typically eaten:

      Breakfast - omelette (equivalent to 2 eggs)
      snack - protein shake with water
      snack - 50g chicken sausages
      lunch - 100g Chicken marinated in massaman paste and light sour cream and brocolli
      snack - homemade protein bar
      dinner -100g Roo steak and veg or Chicken and salad with Fetta
      snack - light ricotta mixed with cocoa and splenda.

      We have 2 snacks morning because we start early for work and don't get a break until 10.30am, which would be 4 hours no food.

      We do feel we are putting a lot of effort in to this diet and spending a fortune on meat, to not see any real results. I will be weighing in on sat morning before "free day", but I do not expect a significant change. My clothes feel no different and I don't look different. My husband feels the same.

      Are we eating too few calories? need more more fat to tell our bodies that not in survival mode?
      My husband thinks we need to reduce our food, what do you think?

      I have an additional issue which is putting me off this diet... i suffer from constipation at the best of times and eating so much protein is making the issue much worse. I didnt eat a lot of meat before this so this is really putting pressure on my digestive system. I haven't gone naturally since I started this diet, I have been relying on laxatives. Ive been trying chia seeds in my protein shake and also metamucil, but they haven't helped. There is only so much veg I can eat a day...! This also might sound daft, but according to my blood type i should be a vegetarian....

      I realise that being constipated will mean I probably will weigh more, but I honestly think I should have lost something in the last 2 weeks rather than gain 2kg back!

      Can anyone see where we might be going wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.

      Thank you! Carmen
    • Re: 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      What's in your protein bar?

      If no joy over the next couple of days, you could try switching over to Atkins/LCHF, you don't need to eat so many meals, you have more fat which will help with constipation and because there's no free days you will have more time to drop that water weight and get things going.

      One thing though, do you drink extra water when you take Metamucil etc? the thing is fibre, particularly psyllium husks take up a lot of water, if you're not drinking extra water to compensate then that will constipate you in itself. Couple that with drinking alcohol which dehydrates you further etc

      Do you go to the toilet after your free days?

      Rather then strong laxatives, adding some vitamin C or magnesium supplements will help get things moving as they have a laxative effect which is dose dependent.
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    • Re: 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      Hi Sherrie,

      Yeah I have upped my water, but maybe not right from the start when i needed to. I have stopped metamucil now due to not helping. I also am taking a magnesium supplement funny you should say that, and also chlorella, both for 2 days but still no joy. Sorry if this is TMI but im having a course of colonic irrigation to get me sorted and then I think i will make a concerted effort to take the supplements, drink heaps of water, eat loads of veg and also oats for brekky. Might have to cut back on the protein, or eat tofu instead, see if that digests easier.

      No I dont go after free day. not naturally.

      I think i might look closer at atkins, like you say. The high fat thing kinda freaks me out tho!! And im not sure I can really see myself counting carbs. If I just steer clear of the obvious high carbs does that work on atkins?

      Thanks Sherrie.
    • Re: 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      You get the hang of it really quickly, it's more about getting to know the value of things, most greens for instance are very low, ones like lettuces and broccoli I wouldn't even bother to count period they are so low! Atkins do have vegetarian options too if you need to go that path or do a combo of both. Try upping the magnesium a bit.

      I can look for the vegetarian protein list in their latest book tomorrow if you want as it's a little more flexible these days, if I forget just remind me as it's not intentional, I get distracted easily these days :)

      Here's a couple of Atkins articles I wrote years ago, it's more based on old school Atkins not that I ever did it old school as I always ignored the cup rules etc I've added a link to Arcticgirls post on LCHF as well.

      Atkins Diet

      Atkins Induction


      Some of these low carb videos might interest you as well. The first few are Atkins and LCHF related
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    • Re: 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      Ok I just had a look at their list of suitable vegetarian products and it's pretty basic

      Basically anything soy as long as it's low carb and has no dairy casein added. I would recomend avoiding most soy unless it has been fermented. It is a strong goitrogen which blocks absorption of iodine and other minerals as well has having hormonal effects. If you have constipation issues so badly then there is a possibility that you may have a sluggish thyroid which then you definitely want to avoid goitrogens. I can't say that though without mentioning brassica (broccoli, cabbage etc) are also a goitrogen if eaten raw. Flax is also very similar to soy, I have read years ago that it's even stronger then soy, but I cannot verify that claim.

      Tofu is fermented so it's ok

      You can also have quorn products, almond milk, Seiten?, tempeh (fermented soy), vegan cheese (no casein), vegan burger, vegan crumbles, vegan meatballs but always check carb counts

      So you could use them and dairy to help with some of your meals so that you do not have to eat meat 3 times a day.
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    • Re: 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      Thank you so much Sherrie, that is great information. I will have a read through of the articles you have linked.

      The protein bars have cream cheese, protein shake, Vanilla extract, butter, peanut butter, Splenda. I also thought I'd be clever and add some oats to try help my little problem and also Chia seeds, which probably stopped int being a protein bar.... And I baked it for a little while and came out like biscuits.... I'm no cook!

      I do suspect that I have an underactive thyroid, because I have a lot of typical symptoms like low basal temp. I should get it looked into really.

      I have decided to stop BT, but still eat low carb, but reintroduce fruit such as berries and apples and eat oats for breakfast. And like you suggested eat meat alternatives.
      I'll get there.

      Thanks again Sherrie :)
    • Re: 3 weeks on BT and no weight loss!

      If you want to add a moderate carb fruit, I would suggest stone fruit as they are not so high and in season too which helps.

      I would drop the bars until you get weight loss happening and then test them out. Just be aware if you omit meat then you need to make sure you get all the needed aminos but I'm assuming dairy and eggs will help with that but check it out and be sure as I've forgotten.

      Get your thyroid checked out because it effects everything!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.