Is this normal?

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    • Is this normal?

      I got the ok for my doctor to go low carb. My surgery has been brought forward so I thought I would get cracking. So today is day 3. Last night I couldn't wait any longer so I used a ketone stick and it came up with the result that I wanted. YEEAAAHHH. Even though I thought it would be too soon it showed I was in ketosis.
      This morning I used a stick again and it showed a shade lighter than last night.
      How often should I be using the sticks?
      Also I have had a problem with everything going straight through me. I have read heaps of things about constipation I didn't expect to go the other way.
    • Re: Is this normal?

      Hey Bellshell sorry I have been really busy the last few days.

      Were you doing BT or Atkins etc?

      3 days is about normal for ketosis to begin unless you're really resistant so that's a good sign that you're doing things right. If you're on BT and having carbs in morning that could make sticks lighter.

      But first things first, sticks only measure excess ketones that are wasted in the urine, so the concentration and hence shade of purple depends on how many you're wasting as well as how hydrated you are. Hormones also can have an effect for some reason. I used to go right out at TOM times when my hormones were really crazy. Also after doing low carb for a while your body becomes more efficient and tends to not waste many ketones so if you have done low carb recently this may already be the case.

      Were you eating very low fat before and now high fat? You may find it's just an enzyme thing and you need to raise it gradually to give your body a chance to adjust and build up enzymes to digest it. The thing is that the enzymes produced in our body depends on our diet so when we suddenly change diet our body may need a little time to catch up and readjust everything. For example take my daughter, we usually use A2 milk for her but when testing a FODMAP diet with her it meant we had to change to lactose free milk which isn't A2. Anyway, after sometime because we were having no luck we decided to trial her back on A2 milk as we do believe she doesn't handle A1 milk well so because her body wasn't used to the lactose any more she had the runs for a couple of days and then come good which I believe was due to her body needing time to catch up and start producing lactase again.

      If your runs are really bad be careful because you don't want to get dehydrated and mess up your electrolytes. In the videos section there is a video by Dr Westman with suggestions on supplementing electrolytes when doing Atkins.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.