Pinned Pantry items, cooking ingredients, please list your low carb choices.

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    • Pantry items, cooking ingredients, please list your low carb choices.


      I am starting a thread to list the ingredients we use for cooking, i.e. pantry items, cooking ingredients, etc.

      Here are some I use:

      Bulla light cream for decaf coffee and in cooking creamy sauces.
      Splenda tablets - these are much lower in carbs for almost all purposes - only hassle is you have to crush them first (I use a heavy mallet).
      Almond meal - to use in cooking (muffins, etc).
      Hazelnut meal - same as for almond meal above.
      Cottees diet toppings - add flavour to protein shakes, muffins.
      Cadbury Bourneville cocoa - cooking, protein shakes.
      Cadbury Lite chocolate - tastes almost like the real thing to me. As a snack, pushed into muffins, melted with cream as a chocolate sauce. Grated on top of desserts, cheesecakes etc.
      Philladelphia cream cheese (I only use regular block for cooking).
      Sour cream - Farmland brand - as a topping for cheesecakes.
      Baking powder - fluffs up pancakes and muffins.
      Readywhites - frozen egg white pack - contains three sachets - each sachet equivalent to 3 egg whites. I find these are handy and save on chucking out egg yolks.
      Cooking spray (I use the olive oil for all my cooking).
      Of course, POH muffin/cereal mixes and other items available in POH Shop (MRM shakes, protein bars).
      Currently waiting on Atkins supplies through GNC shops in Melbourne (Prahran branch is closest to me). Basically I'm only after the Sugar Free Pancake Syrup.

      I would love to hear about ingredients or good finds everyone else uses.


    • coconut cream for muffins
      whipping cream for cheesecake, and to pour into decaff coffee.
      philly cheese for mock danish, pancakes, and cheesecake.
      riccotta for cheesecake
      diet jelly for cheesecake (and with cream)
      sour cream for meat, veges and salad
      thick cream for strawberries
      gluten flour for bread
      oat flour for bread
      yeast for bread
      muffin mix for muffins and bread
      cereal mix for loaf (and of course brekky)
      masterfoods season all for chicken drumsticks
      splenda granules for bread, muffins, cereal etc.,
      dessicated coconut for cookies
      pecan nuts
      brazil nuts
      blanched almonds
      these two links have heaps of other goodies listed. *sorry deleted links because the two threads linked are no longer around, we will just have to make new ones! :)*
    • Re: Pantry items, cooking ingredients, please list your low carb choices.

      Whilst looking through for chicken recipes I came across this thought perhaps some others may like it
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.