BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats

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    • BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats


      I've recently started Body Trim, but am struggling with lunches, so am hoping for some advice re deli meats and what is/isnt allowed.

      I have been taking deli meats (and salad) to work each day for lunch - the deli meats have been sliced/shredded turkey breast, chicken breast and occasionally ham (just bought from behind the deli counter at Coles/Woolies in bulk, and then weighed out into 100gm packets at home and put in the fridge). I don't know if I've recently bought some that was 'off' or if its in my head, but I'm at the point where even smelling it is making me feel ill, let alone eating it!

      So I have been thinking what other types of deli meat I could have. My questions are (hopefully I'm using the 'Australian' names for these things!):
      • Can I eat devon/luncheon meat?
      • Can I eat saveloys/chippolatas (the baby red ones you can get)?
      • Are there any other deli meats (aside from turkey, chicken and ham) that are good and you would recommend?

      I really want to stick with BT as it is working (when everything else has failed). My challenge is that I'm fussy, which means my protein options are limited - ie I haven't previously been a big meat eater, plus I hate tuna and salmon so only eat the 'less fishy' fish. Breakfast, dinner and snacks are all fine - but its weekday lunches that I'm struggling with (as due to my work day, it's easier to just take food that I dont have to prepare or heat and can just grab out of the fridge).

      Thanks so much for your help (just found this forum and its fantastic, particularly with the information and advice about BT)!
    • Re: BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats

      Welcome NZGirl :)

      I don't do BT but I am pretty sure you can. Can you buy canned chicken there? they may be another option instead of tuna etc also.

      Have you seen these threads?

      There's some useful links in the first post of this thread: Bodytrim 2

      Included in those links is the nutshell thread that has some good info especially a few posts down from it's first: Bodytrim in a Nutshell
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.

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    • Re: BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats

      Hi NZgirl,

      Im new to BT myself, only on day 2 of detox & understand your feeling towards the meat / protein servings! I myself have never been a bit meat eater and so waking yesterday morning to have a ham & egg omelette for breakfast was a struggle!

      For lunch how about you try a ceasar salad mock up? buy some diced bacon from the deli (50g) and cook it in a pan the night before & then throw it on your lettuce with a chopped up boiled egg & 1-2 tbsp ceasar salad dressing.

      OR in the bodytrim book there is Geoffs recipe for a caesar which is:

      50g BBQ chicken
      1 boiled egg
      handful of lettuce
      1-2tbsp caesar salad dressing

      with the dressing, make sure the total carbs are 10g or less per 100g. I have only been able to find one that is 14g per 100g and it is kraft 99% fat free caesar dressing (not sure if you have it over there!)

      Aside from caesar, you could make up your own salad with leftover BBQ or roast chicken, or any roasted meats for that matter! Say you had roast lamb & veggies the night before for dinner, throw some leftover lamb on a salad with a balsamic dressing. Be as creative as you want! Hope this helps.. I feel funny giving advice when I havent reached the same stage as yet!
    • Re: BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats


      Sherrie - thanks for your reply and the links to the other threads which were really useful.

      Wobblymummy, thanks for the suggestions, great ideas! Hadn't thought about the bacon option with my salad, so will give that a try! Hope your detox went well!

      This forum is fantastic for sharing ideas, suggestions and also for motivation, so thanks!
    • Re: BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats

      Thanks NZgirl!

      Day one of phase 2 today! Thoroughly enjoyed my slice of toast for brekky this morning & filled up on lamb roast & veggies for dinner.

      I'm enjoying finding new things to eat, its just fantastic that its so healthy. Our way of living & eating had become lax & very 'over processed'

    • Re: BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats

      There is now a small tin of canned chicken like the tins of salmon & tuna. I tried it ages ago when it first came out I didn't continue to buy it as it is quite expensive. It does serve a purpose though because people can have it in their desk drawers instead of having salmon/tuna all the time as emergency foods at work. Salmon/tuna are a bit sickening after a while on BT so the chicken is a little better :).
    • Re: BodyTrim Question - Deli Meats

      Dont forget you can have smoked chicken, you can buy it from the deli in most supermarkets, although I smoke my own as I know whats gone into the smoking process (you can use a hooded bbq for this) and then freeze a breast fillet to have over 2 meals.. it tastes delicious