Non-surgical treatment of Gallstones

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    • Non-surgical treatment of Gallstones

      Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums, hope I am more welcomed here than I was at another online forum I asked a similar question recently.

      I went on a rapid weight loss programme last year (essentially it was low-carb + low-kilojoule, ketogenic diet) and I shed about 15kg in just under 2 months.
      I now have 2 small mobile gallstones. (I did so much research about how to lose weight efficiently and yet I missed that gallstones can occur - kind of annoyed at myself for that).
      I am 25 years old and otherwise healthy. Btw, I am now right in the middle of my target BMI range for the first time in years :)

      I want to be treated non-surgically first, and if that fails then surgery is always an option later on right. Doesn't make much sense to me to knock a house down just because it has cockroaches without even trying the exterminator first, if you catch my drift.

      So basically I have been referred to a general surgeon and a gastroenterologist - neither of whom had any experience with non-surgical approaches to gallstones. My GP is unable to tell me whether a certain specialist considers non-surgical options - which isn't surprising giving he is in one of those big medical centres and their lists of specialists to refer patients to are just lists.

      So I am looking for a nudge in the right direction. I don't want medical advice, just to know if a doctor considers non-surgical gallstone treatment. Then I can ask my GP if I can be referred to him or her and let the doctor decide what course of action to take.

      If you have had your gallstones treated non-surgically by a doctor somewhere in the vicinity of Sydney or know of a doctor who does treat gallstones non-surgically (or you are such a doctor yourself ) I would like to hear from you.

      NOTE: Non-surgical treatments I am considering include oral bile acids (Urso, etc), direct contact dissolution, lithotripsy or even the new Chinese method of using an endoscope and tiny claw to grab the stones and pull them out - although that's a long way to go just to treat gallstones. :P

      NOTE ALSO: I am NOT interested in any 'alternative' or 'natural' remedies like flushes etc.
    • Re: Non-surgical treatment of Gallstones

      Hi there Jane doh!!!! I love the name by the way!!!! What a bummer you have had such rotten luck and ended up with Gall Stones....even though you have lost the weight you wanted.....I don't know anything that can help you but I am sure Sherrie will check it out for you and she always has excellent and informative information.....Good luck!!!!
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    • Re: Non-surgical treatment of Gallstones

      Hi Jane :welcome: Congratulations for losing the weight - bad luck about the gall stones - I cannot help you with re non surgical procedures but as my husband has gallstones I will check back here with the hope that someone can help you & as Lala has said Sherrie is so helpful & informative I'm sure she could help :).
    • Re: Non-surgical treatment of Gallstones

      I have never had them sorry, I do remember when my mum had them the specialist told her to drink lots of coke (I assume because it is so acidic) whilst she was waiting for her op. That was over 20 years ago now.

      I guess if you have only 2 small stones it would be a shame to remove the whole gall bladder but I have no idea sorry and I don't think anyone here has much experience. Gallbladder issues happen more frequently on VLCD (very low calorie diet) or very low fat forums because the low fat diet makes you more vulnerable as fat signals your gall bladder to empty. If you do find a way to remove the stones without removing your gall bladder, just make sure not to eat very low fat afterwards nor skip morning or evening meals as these will both make you more susceptible to gallstones. Of course eating fat now whilst you have them may cause pain when it signals your gall bladder to empty and it tries to pass your stones.
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