Explanation (Excuse) of the week

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    • Re: Explanation (Excuse) of the week

      Oh dear this post is so deliciously wicked ! Excuses excuses. How about that chocolate mud cake that was offered to you when you were at a friends place for dinner and you didn't want to offend her by saying no ............. so you had two pieces with extra cream ! just so you don't offend anyone haha
      I did love Lala's comment the other day about that chocolate bar that fell into her mouth ......:p
    • Re: Explanation (Excuse) of the week

      Lala positions herself so chocolate will accidently fall into her mouth - see no hands :D Chris it is always a problem when friends prepare a meal as you do not want to offend - I just eat what they cook because we all love food that someone else prepares - I never say I eat low carb or anything as that only draws attention to yourself & some friends are good saboteurs & will go out of their way to tempt you - just enjoy the night then back to being sensible with the next meal :)
    • Re: Explanation (Excuse) of the week

      You are so right Kel as I try and sabotage my own husband ......... I cook him chips and give him hot sour dough bread ........ and extra sugar in his tea. All because he is thinner than me ! It gives me a little bit of perverse pleasure to see him eat these foods because I wont ! ! OMG I am a nice person really. :D