Slendertone waist toning belt and Dermawand

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    • Slendertone waist toning belt and Dermawand

      Ok so yes I do like gadgets, but has anyone tried the slendertone waist toning belt, I have heard about it and although I have lost over 16kgs my tummy still needs toning up and these are supposed to do that, but reviews are mixed, and although I can see how it would work, supposedly it sends electrical charges and they work your muscles and tone you up:o which sounds good to me, also the dermawand is supposed to do the same sort of thing for your face, but also reviews are mixed, so if anyone has actually tried one, tell me so I can make up my mind:confused:
    • Re: Slendertone waist toning belt and Dermawand

      I haven't tried it but save your money you know there are no quick fixes - how far are you from goal - we all have our problem areas & they are the last place where the weight comes off - stay with the xtrainer & eating healthy :). Sorry I know you want to buy it & that is up to you.

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    • Re: Slendertone waist toning belt and Dermawand

      Hmmmm....I would be a bit suspicious about anything that sounds to good to be true.....are you doing situps???? What about joining a gym and talking to a PT and getting some advice? I would love a quick fix too.....when you find one that works...let me know.....Hope you had a great weekend darling!!!!:)
      Mantra for 2014.....YOU CAN DO IT, NEVER GIVE UP! :cheer:
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