Fruit and Nut high fibre cake - no chemicals Kellen

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    • Fruit and Nut high fibre cake - no chemicals Kellen

      Hi everyone ,
      I made this cake up for 2 reasons. 1 to have some extra fibre. 2 to not use sugar or substitutes.
      Here goes;

      Fruit and nut high fibre cake; (Sherrie if you read this and think of a better name please change it)

      1. Chop 4x each fresh dates and dried figs and soak in 1/2 cup boiling water - set aside.
      2. Melt 1 cup of butter with 2 tablespoons of (Macro) brazil/almond/cashew spread - set aside.
      3. In a separate bowl mix 3x eggs with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract- set aside
      4. In a separate large bowl mix the following dry ingredients;
      1 cup almond meal
      1/2 cup (Macro) gentle fibre blend. (contains oat bran, linseeds, psyllium husks & seeds)
      1/2 cup Seed mix (mix of sunflower seeds/pine nuts/ pepitas)
      1/2 cup natural sliced almonds (skin on)
      1/2 roughly chopped pecans.

      Mix all the "wet" mixes into the dry and bake in a lined 8in by 8in tin 180 deg oven for only about 20 to 25 mins.

      I am unsure on the actual counts for this cake but while being high in kilojoules it should be relatively low on carbs.
      If anyone has any feedback please let me know.
      You could add sugar sub if you wanted and would be great for breakfast.

      I love this cake and hope you all do too.

    • Re: Fruit & Nut high fibre cake - (no chemicals Kellen !)

      Lol you two:D....Kel why won't you make it???

      Thanks Christine it sounds like my type of cake...I always loved the fruit cakes and Christmas cakes.

      I'll stock up this week on ingredients. I made some yummy cupcakes has almond meal, coconut flour, agave nectar (which I had to google) but I replaced with Nativa...eggs, grapeseed oil and bicarb soda. It was nice and easy to make and cooked in 12 minutes. I've just had one for dessert with some blueberries and cream;)...yum!

      I'll add to recipe section if anyone is interested.
    • Re: Fruit & Nut high fibre cake - (no chemicals Kellen !)

      This looks so yum, I decided to count up the calories...just to see

      I used all dates instead of figs and I didn't iclude the fibre mix cause I couldn't find it

      4037 Calories

      Divided by 20 portions = many portions do you get? Not bad if you get that many.
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    • Carbs would be quite high because of the dried fruit. I made this up when I first started because I got a little bit constipated and this helped A LOT. I don't eat it much these days but I did before the Marathon as I needed something to sustain me before the race. My DH loved it too. I think one of other girls tried to work out carbs and was really high and calorie dense but I think if you just added up the carbs from the fruit you should be ok.
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