Blood Test Results

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    • Blood Test Results

      Hello Everyone,

      How are you all today? Sherrie... I had my blood test results come back and although I can't remember all of it here is what some of it was:

      Fasting blood sugar - 4.9 :D
      HAIC 5.6
      Total cholesterol - 7.3 but hdl was 1.6 .. can't remember the other values but I remember the ratio for cholesterol to HDL value was 5.3 don't know if that is good or not. I think Triglycerides was 1.
      RA was 13... cut off reference range was 14... again am not sure if it means I have RA?

      I think that was about it.

      If you can shed some more light on the RA and Cholesterol.... that would be great.

    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Probably depends on how you feel, if you have high RT3 then that will be making less fT3 available. It's hard for me to say as I don't have any personal experience because I am yet to be treated for my hashimotos but from what I have read in thyroid groups etc it is not uncommon for some to have numbers out of range when medicated. Make sure you take your latest basal temps with you when you see him.

      Are you low carbing?

      Your cholesterol is still high which could be from your thyroid issues. I would work on raising HDL some more to improve ratio. When do you see your doc?

      What test is RA?
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    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Sorry Sherrie, RA is Rheumatoid Arthristis (s) and no I haven't been taking my basal temps at all :( I see Salim early August so I guess he will just reduce the armour now to 1.5 grain once daily as I am taking it twice. I am low carbing most times and exercising extensively as mentioned in previous post. I am also taking the MSM which has helped me heaps. I am sure that has a lot to do with my body being able to absorb and utislise the meds better. As for my diabetes I am not on any medication, just controlling with diet and exercise so I guess that is working. Yeah Cholestrol needs a bit of work to bring it down but ma finding it a bit hard as I do eat fats etc as I'm not eating carbs much at all :(
    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Women naturally have higher cholesterol especially the older you get. I was going to go on to something else and it's just drawn blank. Oh are you losing weight? weight loss can also cause cholesterol to rise for a while. Start taking your temps because it might help him with seeing how you're going, do you feel hyper? Look into supps to help with HDL such as fish/krill oil, Niacin, Coenzyme Q10 etc I am pretty sure the low carb articles thread will have some useful info on the topic. With cholesterol, it's not just about diet, cholesterol is made in the body so you have to look at why your body is making more cholesterol. With RA, I don't know anything about it other then it being autoimmune, is this because of your injuries you were having trouble with? do you have other autoimmune?

      Did he do the blood tests or another Dr? if another Dr maybe you could ask them about the RA? or if its Dr Salim, perhaps you can email him briefly just to ask if the RA test was postive or not? I'm trying to look up reference ranges for you in Australia but I'm not finding much info. If it is an antibody test he did, the way say hashis works is you will have a limit of say 100 if it is under 100 it will have a lower number or look like <100 then your test is negative but if its over 100 it will be positive for antibiodies. A similar thing with my Ricketsia test. Often there will be a little note under the test/bottom of page mentioning if it was positive or not.

      These PDFs mention some of the tests for RA:…-tests-for-arthritis.aspx…early-rheum-arthritis.pdf

      Rheumatoid Factor Test
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    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Found you some reference ranges, keep in mind ranges can vary depending of which lab is used:

      SydPath Information Sheet: Auto antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis

      Keep in mind from my brief reading this morning a negative test does not rule it out. So even if negative you might want to look at some of the treatments.

      My mum had an RA test many many years ago and was told it was negative and that was it. She can't even straighten her hands
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    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Thanks Sherrie. It was Salim who ordered test and I will read into those links you sent. Yes I lost about 10 kgs from last time I did Cholesterol test but it was always high... my whole family has high cholesterol except my mum... we get it from our dad apparently. I will get Krill oil. I am taking fish oil and Krill but ran of out krill. As for being Hyper... I still don't think I am.. I am sleeping fitfully and only wake up about 3 times to go to toilet but am able to get back to sleep easily. I put that down to exercising hard and although am energetic when its time for bed I just drop off. I do notice though that I when I exercise I sweat profusely and when I ran my heart rate can elevate easily to 171 but then it comes back down quickly when I stop sprinting... so am not sure. I thought until I see him I will take 1 x 1.5 armour every other day and 2 x 1.5 the next day.. so it not just 2 x 1.5 every day.
    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Hi Odar I might be able to help you shed some light on your test results

      You HbA1c and fasting BSLs are wonderful! You obviously have wonderful tight control of your diabetes so good on you!

      Cholesterol - we like to see your total cholesterol under 4.0 (in diabetics) to optimise your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk factors for CVA/MI etc so it looks like you have a bit of a way to get there. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) dietary restrictions can only have so much of an impact on cholesterol levels as your body makes its own cholesterol regardless of what you are putting in. I am pretty surprised that your doctor didn't want to start you on a statin right away. Just to clear up a few things, statins dont always cause rhabdomylosis (muscle breakdown and pains) it is a well known side effect but it is actually pretty rare. You are more likely to get some dull muscle aches while you are acclimatising to the medication, but this usually resolved within the first month or two. Some people take CoQ10 supplements with their statin to help protect against this and there is some evidence that it helps. And of course GP should start you on the lowest acceptable dose and see how you go. Your brothers are both pretty unlucky to be unable to tolerate them but that doesn't necessarily mean that you wont be able to. There are also quite a few different formulations your doctor can try you on so it might be a good idea to chat to him about it.

      Rheumatoid Factor - these tests can be difficult to interpret as you need correlation of a few different types of blood tests and the clinical picture for a diagnosis. There are lots of false negatives and lots of false positives, so a low result doesn't mean you don't have RA and a high results doesn't mean you do have RA. Sherrie has done a good job of finding some info on the tests so have a browse there and chat to your doctor if you have concerns. You can always get a referral to a rheumatologist for a second opinion!

      hope that helps :)
    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Statin controversy aside, it stands to reason statins may also have an effect on your ability to control your diabetes without medication, recent research has been showing an increase in new onset diabetes amongst patients on statins.

      I would talk to your doc about it.
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    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Hi Sherrie,

      its been a while since i last posted here . I've been busy with work and exercising - did the city to surf walk - 12 km last month and enjoyed it immensely. Saw my doctor before and he was happy for me to do it. took my bp and it was 120/80

      he wanted me again to go back onto steroid (oxandrolone) to build up muscle.. I told him I would give it another shot. Anyhow 3 weeks later and I wake up yesterday all tingly and headachey. Went to the gym did my body pump and came home and had a sleep.

      Still felt like crap today and went to pharmacy & had a bp reading - 164/108 with pulmonary heartbeat of 87...OMG could this be from the oxandrolone?

      I am really worried and am not sure what to do.. have left a message for doc to ring me... also I'm still on methyl prednislone but I've been on the same dose for nearly two years now with nio adverse side effects.. so i'm concluding it must be the oxandrlone.

      Just wondering how long after stopping it will it take for bp to go down, and should i exercise with it being high?
    • Re: Blood Test Results

      I know.. that's what I was doing.. but you know Salim thought he would fast track it.. the last time i tried it - stop only after a week and bit... got too much acne... & now although no acne I have high blood pressure.. should have justs stuck to my guns and said no to the damn thing... if it is the steriod... would you know how long it takes to leave the body and how long before BP returns to normal like it was before? I plan on stopping at a pharmscy near home and getting another reading.
    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Yeah I know.. but I didn't want to take it but he thought he would help me with my insulin resistant and now my BP is up.. i not saying that is that for sure but my instincts tell me so... its the only thing i've changed since seeing him and it was in August 13th so I started taking it the next day so yeah less than a month. I've messaged him and told him what my concerns were and what my bp reading was.. I've decided to give the gym a miss for few days until my head clears. Will get another reading at a pharmist's close to home and if still high will ring Salim tonight. I feel a touch better but still heady. Hoping it will clear soon.
    • Re: Blood Test Results

      Hi Sherrie, I only started it on the 16th August and no the pharmacist didn't even know what it was :(
      Spoke to Salim last night.. he told me to stop all my meds, armour included.. feels that is what is contributing to my high blood pressure - overactive.
      I took my bp this morning and its still high at 161/98 i am so dismayed that it can just go so high like that with no warning!
      I am also upset I am unable to go to gym for a few a days... but i will see how it is tomorrow and ask salim if i can bodypump tomorrow.
      I bought myself it a bp machine so can test away :(