What are your simple pleasures?

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    • What are your simple pleasures?

      I was thinking today after just enjoying the warmth and solitude of being in bed - after 5.30am for a change , that sometimes just the simple things in life can give us so much joy.
      Here ....... I would love you to share your "simple Joys/pleasures"
      I'll go first :D
      A nice hot shower.
      A cup of Tea.
      A lie in.
      Fresh air and sunshine.
      The look of pride in my husband's eyes. (now I am getting corny) The list goes on but let's share .........
      Less of me - more of life !
    • Re: What are your simple pleasures?

      A good idea Chris this is something I will think of but for now

      A hot shower
      Fresh sheets the smell & feel
      roast lamb & crispy baked potato, pumpkin & sweet potato
      electric blankets (how did we do without them)
      my grandchildren full of excitement because I have come to see them
      a kiss & cuddle from my children
      the first cuppa for the day that my husband brings to me in bed
      the warmth of the sun on my back on cold days
      completing a hard gym session
      the number on the scales
      happiness in my Mothers eyes
      beautiful music
      the smell of a new born babies skin
      the smell of rain just starting (can't you tell I'm a non smoker)
      warm in bed listening to the rain

      Maybe someone else can think of some so I will stop here

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    • Re: What are your simple pleasures?

      Sherrie that reminds me of people who use tim tams as straws in hot coffee - I haven't done that but I saw a friend do it & I thought it was revolting because she had melted chocolate over her hands - I am a person who cannot make scones or pastry because I don't like the mess & stickiness on my hands :D to get back to Chris's post of simple pleasures.

      Using tim tams as a straw in coffee
      The smell of fresh cut grass
      The smell of fresh baked bread or cakes
    • Re: What are your simple pleasures?

      One of my new favourite things is eating walnuts with tasty cheese - yum yum yum !
      I love the feeling I get when I have just returned from a good run.
      I am loving my flannelette sheets on the bed ,now it is cooler.
      Less of me - more of life !
    • Re: What are your simple pleasures?

      Hi guys:D..STUMBLED upon this by accident!.....what a great thread....it's got me thinking....so hmmmm...here goes.

      Waking up when I want.
      Sliding into clean sheets too..which will be tonight:).
      Pottering around at home.
      Enjoying a really nice coffee at home or out.
      Enjoying weekends away with my sister and family.
      Sitting out by the pool in winter.
      Having a nice meal and drink with hubby.
      My IPad....it's my new love which unfortunately has taken me away from my love of reading.
      Meeting up with friends:)
      Burning scented candles at night and mood lighting.
      Being rugged up with heating on watching a good show.

      I've got more I'm sure.....:)
    • I'll start this up again, as I think it's nice! :)

      2K2, your list warmed my heart.

      I'll add my voice to those enjoying the good feelings of keeping a clean food plan.

      The calm, and "uncreakiness" that comes from doing my Callanetics and senior yoga. I love how being in control of the movements and stretches, even though it may not look like much to younger, fitter folk, gives me so very much.

      Definitely that first cup of tea (though I do like them all).

      Watching the sunrise.

      Fiddling with my potted plants, taking care of them, picking an herb leaf or two and eating them.

      Just a few for now. :)
      LCHF Maintenance, Goal: Health First.
      Daily averages of 50-60P: 110-130F: 30-35C

      UTC -5 hours
    • Hi Serena - what a good idea to continue this thread - now I am not sure what else I can add :)

      Lying on the grass & making pictures from the shape of clouds
      Watching how busy bees & ants are - there are no fat ones.
      Watching the energy & beauty of lightning
      The changing shape of the moon
      The smell of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spices
      Some scented candles
      Vicks vaporub, eucalyptus

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    • mmmm - let me think............

      - watching my cat sleep sprawled on his back or with an 'arm' over is eyes.
      - the feeling of having cleaned up my books and put my paperwork in its folder all neatly
      - being snuggly warm in winter/ having an electric blanket
      - picking the veg from own 'garden'
      - freshly washed hair
      - clean sheets

      We are all a little bit broken - but that's ok.