miss pasta?

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    • miss pasta?

      i thought i'd post this here, in case nobody's heard of these noodles.

      they ARE very LC!!!! you have to go to a Japanese grocery to get them. they are made from Glucomannan, which is taken from the Konnyaku root, a member of the yam family. it is mainly all fibre and expands when eaten with water. i am full after eating it, but not like having a bowl of pasta.

      i can't read a darn thing on the package (i knew i shoulda learnt kanji) but i think the highest i've seen on the net is 3g carbs and 3g soluble fibre (does that mean no carbs?????). they are sold in pouches of water or in cans (although i haven't seen the cans!) be warned, when you open the packet, it smells fishy. you need to parboil them for a few mins. they'll still smell funny. BUT, they have no taste, and will absorb the flavour of sauces etc, and lose the smell when covered with sauce. i had a meaty bolognaise sauce the other day.

      [edit: doesn't post to Australia!!! but these guys have a distributor in Australia as well as other countries here]
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home

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    • Found Them - Yeh !!!!!

      Hi Sam,
      Raced (literally) over to the Japanese Grocery store in Brighton and bought a couple of packets of noodles - will probably have to wait a few days before I experiment as I'm working afternoon shift at the moment and have my main meal from our staff canteen - they do a very tasty turkey salad. Before eating LC I was quite happy to eat curries and noodles every night. Can't wait.
    • Wow they sound yum, I wonder were I will find them in WA.
      Do you think that asian food shops would sell them? I know there is one in Fremantle. Perhaps next time I go there I will have a look, not that I go there often.:rolleyes:

      Any other west Aussies know of any asian food stores?
    • pixie, they are about $2.10 a pouch, the ones i buy are in clear, waterfilled pouches. the noodles themselves are quite thin, white with an opaque look to them. they are often used for a dish called sukiyaki in case that helps!

      another option is to call a japanese restaurant and see if they can tell you where to get them from - i've done this a few times trying to find japanese specialties.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • OMG Sam!!!!! you are a godsend!
      I made a pilgrimage to ChinaTown to the grocery store to find these noodles and managed to get hold of some.
      Mind you.... I think there are some other people on this board who have been raiding the shelves - they had 4 bags left, and the lady said there had been alot of interest in them lately. Sufficed to say I gambled and took the lot.
      THEY ARE FANTASTIC! I just had them for lunch with a beef stir-fry.

      While I was there I got looking at some of the other Konnayaku products. They had 'vegetarian squid' which looks like diamond cut squid pieces you get at asian restaurants, vegetarian meat balls, and a whole heap of other things. All made with this stuff. Some of them had other ingredients and that upped the carb count - but certainly worth a look.

      Something else I did pick up was some 'vegetarian chicken' and 'vegetarian meat puffs'. They are 100% soy protein fiber - but lack a nutritional count on the packet. However considering they are pure fiber I would say 0 carbs. I'll have to experiment with them - they look like a good replacement for bread crumbs actually.....

      Thanks again,
    • hey wyn,

      great idea, i didn't even think of going to chinatown, sheesh!! good gamble huh! i'm glad i remembered these, i used to eat them alot in japan and rememebered all my (very skinny) japanese girlfriends would say shiritaki noodles kept them thin.

      are you in melbourne?

      glad you found them, don't forget you can chop them up and pretend it's rice!!!!!!!
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Sorry Sam, no, I'm a Sydneyite!

      The packet info on the ones I got seems to be American, not in the Australian format - with a listing for Total Carbs and then indented under that is listed Sugars (0%) and Fiber (100%). That is totally awesome.

      Hehehe - but have discovered a slight problem - they are threatening to become a staple of my diet!!!!! It is SOOOOO nice to have something to put curry or a stir-fry on! I think I'm going to have to find a factory outlet or something! :P

      NExt try I'll probably do a spaghetti bol or something - now I NEVER could eat that, even when I ate carbs, without feeling completely BLECH! One thing I'd like to ask you - how do you get tomato into your bol sauce???? I am still sticking with about 20/25g per day of carbs, and I keep looking at tomato pastes and purees and thinking about what a waste of carbs they are when I can fill up on other things. Something I thought of was a bit of Rosella low-joule tomato sauce, I think I'd only need a small amount, but I can't tell the carb count on it (damn labelling).

      Thanks again Sam.
    • that's ok, i will check out chinatown here, if no luck, well iam going to sydney in july.

      i know about the fiber, it's amazing, i guess you could probably say the noodles are a freebie!! i am doing some research to find out who imports them here and if there is a way of buying bulk. will post any results i have.

      i had spag bol last night!!! here's my recipe:

      250g mince
      1/2 small onion chopped fine
      1 clove garlic, crushed and chopped fine
      1 tbl worcestershire sauce
      1 tbl tomato paste
      1 can diced tomatoes
      splash of red wine
      salt, pepper, herbs

      brown onion and garlic until clear. add mince, brown. add remaining ingredients, mix and simmer for 20 mins. let sit for 20 mins then reheat for serving.

      Total carbs: 9g
      Two huge serves or 3 decent serves.

      i get my toms at coles, i think they are farmland brand, they are the lowest carb canned toms i could find. remember, you aren't going to eat the whole lot in one go, you could make the sauce then freeze what you don't eat for another time! i will try and remember to put my famous meatballs in red wine recipe up. yummo :D
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Yam Flour Noodles

      I visited the Asian Grocery Shop at the Victorian Market yesterday and found some noodles made of nothing much but Yam Flour (same ingredients as the other 3grams of carb noodles). They look and taste very similar to the Shirataki Noodles (more like the gnocchi version - $1.90) that I bought in Brighton but unfortunatley have no nutrional values on the packet. I found them on the shevles and they come in hardened plastic containers in fluid. If you ask the girl on the register for Skirataki Noodles, she will point you in the right direction. I would guess that most good Asian Grocery Stores would have some version of Yam Four Noodles.
      Good hunting everyone
    • Hi Sam,

      The noodles are wrapped up in a small ball instead of being in single threads. I have also bought some butterfly shaped noodles and some tiny ones that would imitate large rice grains. I made a tuna, mushroom, tomato paste and cream sauce for my pretend pasta. I would have tried to find someone at work to translate the writing for me had I remembered to bring the packages, but the ingredients are listed in English - Yam Flour, etc....

    • hi denise,

      having a japanese translater would be useful! i guess yam flour is the same as konjac flour? what a variety i am off to the vic market today, much closer than brighton.

      here's some info off the Kyoei Konnyaku, Inc website:

      "Glucomannan, the Ideal Food Fiber with a Wide Range of Uses

      Glucomannan is high in fiber, essential for cleaning the digestive system. Glucomannan is taken from the Konnyaku root and is from the same family as the yam, which is 100 percent natural dietary fiber without calories. Since lack of fiber is a major cause for the high incidence of growing gastrointestinal disorders, it is a valuable herb.

      It helps reduce cholesterol, helps maintain regularity and promotes bowel health. It helps to normalize blood sugar, to relieve stress on the pancreas and to discourage blood sugar abnormalities, such as hypoglycemia.

      Glucomannan absorbs toxic substances produced during digestion and elimination. It binds toxic material and eliminates them before they can be absorbed into the blood stream.
      Glucomannan acts as a prevention of chronic disease and a weight control agent. As a diet aid, it expands to about 50 times its original volume when used with a large glass of water.

      Atheroslerosis Hemorrhoids
      Constipation High blood pressure
      Diabetes Hypoglycemia
      Digestive problems Obesity
      Diverticular disease Pancreas (reduce stress)"
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Morning guys....

      Well i must admit that I was very excited to read this thread....I am the X Pasta queen and I raced out at lunch yesterday to go the the local Asian Supermarket.....

      well they have been taken off the shelves in QLD due to someone chocking on them. Even the ones in the blocks have been taken off the shelves....I walked out of the shop like a two year old that has just had his lollies taken from him..:mad:

      I only sulked for a little while but the memory of the thought of having noodles and stir fry still lingers.....

      Ca la Vie!!!

      Next discovery please.....

      Have a great day
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