Fern Rhizome Vermicelli - Low(er) Carb Option

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    • Fern Rhizome Vermicelli - Low(er) Carb Option


      I was in the asian grocery store recently and came across these noodles that are quite low in carbs. They have no english printed on the packet, except for the nutritional panel sticker that is on the back, so I can't really tell you the name of them. They are easy to spot though because they look just like vermicelli, only they are black! They come in at 18g carbs per 100g. Rice vermicelli is around 70-80g carbs per 100g.

      They cook the same way, although they take a little longer and they taste pretty much the same. Maybe slightly sweeter and chewier in texture, but really hardly noticeable. I have had them in soup/laksa, also in stirfries and in place of spaghetti. A bit weird being black, looks a bit odd, but they are pretty good.

      They are made from Fern Rhizome.... there's plenty of pics and info if you google. :cheer:
    • Re: Fern Rhizome Vermicelli - Low(er) Carb Option

      Hey Sherrie,
      Yes, I use the shiritaki noodles too. I actually got a few different types of those too on the same shopping trip :) My boyfriend won't eat those though. He likes the rhizome ones, so it's good if I'm making something with noodles IN it, rather than as a side. Good to have both on hand.
      All good here, still low-carbing.....don't think I could ever go back now.
    • Re: Fern Rhizome Vermicelli - Low(er) Carb Option

      Great to hear Daisy :)

      That's good that there's still an alternative for bf.

      I just googled the name, despite the name I wasn't expecting that they were made from ferns! never heard of ferns as a food item before!
    • Re: Fern Rhizome Vermicelli - Low(er) Carb Option

      They don't have that smell. They are dried noodles, just like the rice vermicelli, so not floating in that liquid. It says on the packet that you can just soak them in hot water like the rice noodles, but I find them still a bit hard unless you refresh the hot water a couple of times. I just boil them for a few minutes...