Low Carb Warm Chicken Salad

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    • Low Carb Warm Chicken Salad

      I made this low-carb salad up the other week when I had my week of peace and quiet and I forgot all about it until now, when downloading pictures from my camera. There's no real ingredient amounts, it's really up to you and you can change or add ingredients very easily. I hope you like it :)

      Low Carb Warm Chicken Salad


      Chicken Breast

      Salad leaves




      Egg Mayonnaise

      Balsamic Vinegar

      Ground Coriander

      Sea Salt, freshly ground

      Black Pepper, freshly ground

      Olive Oil and/or butter for frying chicken.


      Tenderize chicken breast so that it is even. Coat in a mixture of ground coriander and pepper/salt(to taste) then fry until cooked through. You can change the seasoning with this, taco seasoning is also good but I really liked the ground coriander as the base, I will probably experiment with this more, no need for a flour coating!

      Whilst chicken is cooking, wash prepare salad ingredients to your liking. Red onion would be well suited also, maybe even a little carrot. I was going to add boiled egg but forgot.

      Mix some egg mayonnaise with some balsamic vinegar to your tastes (just taste as you go)

      Slice chicken and assemble ingredients whilst chicken is warm.

      That's it, very simple. If you cook extra chicken breast then you can warm through the breast in the oven in some baking paper to keep in the moisture as needed and make up the salad. I'm pretty sure that's what I did when I made this salad now that I think of it.

      Very basic but thought I'd share, enjoy :)