Calorie Tracking Websites and Low Carb

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    • Calorie Tracking Websites and Low Carb

      Hi everyone,

      A few questions:
      I'm just wondering if anyone else uses MyFitnessPal to track their calories and/or carb counts?

      I'm not sure of the difference between Net Carbs and just plain old Carbs and what MyFitnessPal measures, if anyone knows I would like to know too. I really like using a food tracker, as I need to see what I am consuming or I forget.

      Also, how many grams of carbs does everyone have per day and what is considered low-carb? Recently I have been having around 70-100grams according to the website as I've been on holiday and am not quite back into a routine yet.

      Thanks in advance :)

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    • Re: Calorie Tracking Websites and Low Carb

      If it's American then they won't be totally accurate but you can always cross check with Australian sources, the carb counter list I put up have some common carb counts for fresh foods which you could compare if you like.

      How many carbs is considered low really depends on your metabolism and how active you are. Atkins induction which is the first 2 weeks is 20g and then afterwards you go up 5g per week until you find your sweet spot where you find the maximum amount of carbs that you can eat and still feel good and lose weight. Others may start between 30-50g. If very active you may be able to start much higher. But ultimately, it's really about how you feel. The main thing about lowering carbs is it reduces your appetite and cravings and can help with hormones.