How to know when you've lost enough??

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    • How to know when you've lost enough??

      Does everyone go on what their BMI is? Or do people tend to stop when they are happy with how they look/feel? I am JUST in my healthy BMI range now, and I have a goal weight in mind, which is only 2 kgs off now. However I have a picture of Jennifer Hawkins on my fridge as my role model (we are the same height, but that's where all similarities end...LOL) and she's around TWENTY kgs lighter than I am now!!! Now I have no desire (or hope) of ever becoming a model *snort* but was wondering how do you KNOW when to stop?? I still have quite a spare tyre around my tummy, still have the muffin top happening when wearing Thoughts??
    • Re: How to know when you've lost enough??

      With me my weight is the lowest it has been for years & I am not bothered by BMI because I go by my clothes & how I look - my stomach is flat, I have no rolls over my pants but I am still carrying weight on my thighs but that is my body shape so it is difficult to lose from there without losing too much in the face. Other people go by their BMI - as you have 2kg to go why not lose that then see how you look & if you are happy - I would continue to lose the muffin & try to tone up the stomach - I am only saying this because you have asked for thoughts :)
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      Yes as long as you have a healthy perception when it comes to body image then go by the mirror and how you feel health wise. BMI is so subjective, everyone's body composition is different. Keep in mind some of your mid section issues may be due to loose skin.
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      My thought for what its worth ............ I think when you are comfortable in your own skin , when you feel good and like what you see. Be realistic though and Jen Hawkins is like Elle Macpherson in that they are another breed of people ! Not like the rest of us. I think too that the scales will find a weight that suits you and will be happy to stay at.
      Good luck and remember you cant change body shapes.
      We are all beautiful in the right light :cool:
      love Christine
      Less of me - more of life !
    • Re: How to know when you've lost enough??

      I've been at my goal weight, which happens to be the top end on my healthy BMI for my height. I also remember when I was last at my goal weight, that not once did I complain that I felt like I needed to lose more. I know I was happy and comfortable. As far as clothes go, I was in a size 10-12 depending on brand.

      I have my 'skinny' pics on my phone, most of which I'm in my wedding dress. But waist was tiny!! :)

      I can't wait to be back there again.
      :love: Posh.

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    • Re: How to know when you've lost enough??

      Like the others say I think it is when you feel comfortable with the size you are. i would say though find that weight and then just work on your body composition and exchange muscle for fat IYKWIM.
      All the best Charlotte.

      You haven't failed unless you stop trying.

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    • Re: How to know when you've lost enough??

      I think it is completely different for everyone. I continue to exercise to feel good about myself and just overall health. I think if you have a goal weight in mind, you should work until you get there but continue to eat right and exercise to keep that weight off and still feel great! It's important to have healthy levels, such as cholesterol and blood pressure, but don't feel like you have to look like a certain image. If you have healthy numbers/levels and can exercise regularly without it being a problem, then you are healthy and that is what is most important :) Just keep up the great work!
    • Re: How to know when you've lost enough??

      I think it’s when your dress is too large for you or if you feel better. Calculating your BMI is also a must because you will know if you have the right weight. You can also have a healthy and active lifestyle even you reach your desired weight. Exercise daily to maintain your weight. I am now 55 kgs but I want to lose weight more about 5-7 kgs. My skirt is big for me now and I am happy for that. It is one of my achievements now.