Low Carb Nut, Choc and Cranberry Slice

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    • Low Carb Nut, Choc and Cranberry Slice

      I had a play with Sinders recipe the other day, I made a bigger amount which would fill about 3/4 of a cookie tray so I will make it slightly bigger next time and freeze some, I added some cranberries as well as some salt for that salty peanut butter taste. I also replaced flax seeds with chia and sesame seeds. I will try to remember everything I did. I decided to place it here because it seemed more like a treat then a protein bar/snack. I used mixed nuts this time because it was easier to ask Garry to pick them up for me rather then risking him forgetting something. Next time I will make it I will pick them up in individual packets, maybe almond, brazil, hazel nuts and pecans, perhaps macadamias also.

      Low Carb Nut, Choc and Cranberry Slice

      3 cups mixed nuts
      1/2 cup dried cranberries
      1/4 cup chia seed
      1/4 cup sesame seed
      1/3 cup natural peanut butter
      1/3 cup butter
      1 tsp vanilla extract
      a little sweetener if needed (just to taste)

      Chocolate top

      100g 85% lindt, melted
      a little sweetener if needed (just to taste)

      Lightly toast or roast nuts in oven and then bash until your preferred consistency, I went for pretty chunky.

      Melt butters and add vanilla then salt and any sweetener to taste keeping in mind cranberries will add some sweet also, combine with nuts, cranberries and seeds.

      Cover baking tray with baking paper and press down nut mixture, I filled it around 3/4 of the way along.

      Place in freezer to set.

      Melt chocolate and cream together, if you do what I did and accidentally over heat so that it starts to separate just cool and then blitz with a stick blender, add sweetener etc if needed then smooth over slice and place in fridge to set again.

      Once set, slice and store in fridge.