Type 1 on BT

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    • Type 1 on BT

      Hey everyone, I am a type 1 diabetic (diagnosed at age 8) doing BT. So far after the 3 day detox phase my sugars are within the normal range (between 4.0 - 8.0mmols) at every test and my insulin is down to the base rate used to set my sliding scale. I have sacked my dietician who was giving me the typical carb laden diet plan which made my sugars go crazy and as a result I needed more fast acting insulin to bring them down. This in turn led to weight gain as insulin is a very effective storage hormone. I cracked it after seeing a photo of myself last week. So I have borrowed a friends BT books and DVD and I've kicked off - hopefully to a lighter more controlled life.
      So here I am starting at 129.2kgs at 6'2" tall with my last HbAC1 of 8.0 so my next tests will be interesting! My diabetic educator said it will be good data for her study into the effects of low carb diets and diabetes especially type 1! Stay tuned will post my progress over the next few months!
      Cheers Annie
    • Re: Type 1 on BT

      Thanks for the welcome 2kellen2 I will post results - my diabetic educator must be one of the enlightened ones as she recommended BT to me and is a low carb advocate so it will be great to have her support plus the support of the forum. All I want is to have really good control and to undo some of the damage done by being overweight since my late 20's after giving up competitive sport due to injury. :)
    • Re: Type 1 on BT

      I think free days will be fine - I'm not a huge eater of junk just too much in terms of overall carbs - I'm thinking that my free days will entail a pub meal with salad like chicken parmey or a snitty with gravy and maybe roast dinner in the evening so the carbs are up a fraction but not enough to send the sugars totally mental like 3 meals a day of carb based consumption as per my now sacked dietician's instructions. I've never been a sweet tooth which is a bonus but I will play it by ear so to speak as you are supposed to have a BT compliant breakfast then 2 cheat meals plus the protein snacks as per normal. Will let everyone know after my first free day on Saturday next week. :)
    • Re: Type 1 on BT

      There is more and more research being done into the diets recommended for diabetics. If you think about it what did those with diabetes do before the discovery of insulin and the ability to derive it from animal sources? Some of my research has been to venture into my grandfather's medical library with some very old books that go back to the late 1800's to the early 1900's where they talk about the treatment of people with sugar - meat and vegetables, minimal dairy and no breads or starch. People still eventually succumbed to the end organ effects but they could obtain moderate control. The ability to synthesise insulin in the 1930's just improved the control and prolonged life and reduced end organ effects. It really has only been since the late 1970s you saw a push for this starch based diet for diabetes. I have my conspiracy theory on this one ;) but the prevalence of overweight type 1s is growing so there has to be a link! (My science and history background is proving useful than just educating students!!! Lol) :)
    • Re: Type 1 on BT

      AAAhhhh.....it's an interesting theory, I guess it makes sense to restrict anything that spikes insulin level if you are diabetic, but it can't be that easy can it????? I wish I understood more about it......Goodluck on your journey AnnieMay.....I have a grand daughter called AllyMay......nice isn't it?:)
      Mantra for 2014.....YOU CAN DO IT, NEVER GIVE UP! :cheer:
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    • Re: Type 1 on BT

      Welcome Annie, I am also a newcomer. I have read your diary (must start one myself!) with interest. I will be following your journey with your diabetes as my neighbour is a brittle type 1 diabetic doing everything she is told with a very elevated HbA1C. Enjoy your journey. I've started with BT but have big problems with free days and getting back on the wagon. Unlike you, I am a huge carb addict so once I start and am thrown out of ketosis I get bad cravings. How does ketosis work for you with diabetes, do you just ensure BGLs are within normal limits?

    • Re: Type 1 on BT

      Hello Trudy, don't be afraid to give Atkins or similar a go, you can always try "free days" when you're closer to goal. If you scroll up to the top navigation menu and click on Diets there's some info on Atkins and LCHF to help get you started.