New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

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    • New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?


      Last time I posted here I was sick of BT (and remain so) but I was trying my own gig for a while. I quickly got off track there. I think "tracking" really helps me. I like two apps I have downloaded to track, but more on that in a minute!

      I was reading the atkins website after the Fifi Box ads, and despite reading the book years ago, I never really took it in.
      I was quite impressed and really want to give this the shot of my life. I was gob smacked, looking at the carb value of vegies ( which I had always though of as "unlimited") and even just a slice of bread and my cottage cheese.... high compared to Philly Cheese. Gosh my salads will need to downsize!

      Could I have been eating higher carbs than I needed for weightloss all this time? Is that why despite my efforts, I always found the hunger thing hard?

      I think the atkins website has good clarity of the program, in particular Phase 1.

      My questions are this ( and sorry if they are somewhere on the website....)

      1. I paid $4 for the calorie king (aus) app, and like it ( but it doesnt report carbs on its own for the whole day, you have to click into each meal and do a mental tally) I have also downloaded the free atkins app, but I read the carb counts will be too high? They have good recipes on the go however. Is FITDAY markedly different or should I stick with what I have?

      Also, I should measure grams of veg and salad and not try and do the "cup" measurement ( I read somewhere) correct?

      Below from the website it says:

      •In a typical day, you can have up to 4 ounces (115 grams) of most cheese (but not cottage cheese or ricotta), 10 black or 20 green olives, half a Haas avocado (the kind with a blackish pebbly skin), an ounce of sour cream or 2–3 tablespoons of cream, and up to 3 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice. The carbs in these foods must be counted in your 20 grams of carbs.

      But it also says that "•Eat no more than 20 grams a day of carbs, 12 to 15 grams of them as foundation vegetables."

      So really, only 5 grams of carbs should come from olives, lemon juice, cheese or bars and shakes correct? Are the bars and shakes like BT ones and slow you down heaps?

      Lastly, any tips on giving up the 1/4 cup of 2% milk I have in ONE coffee each day ( carb count 3 i think). Thats alot to "spend" if I only have 5 carbs of non foundation veg to play with?

      Am I doing this right guys?

      Thanks if you have the time to answer my many questions :)
    • Re: New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

      Hey Rmax I don't have suggestions for apps sorry as it's all new to me as it don't use a mobile and only just received my first tablet for my birthday as Garry is trying to corrupt me :D

      If you look in the low carb resources section under our banner I have made some carb count lists if they're any help. I also put together an induction page which summarises the rules. I would link it but I am on my iPad and have no idea how!

      For coffee, when I converted to cream I used to put a teaspoon of cream in then top up with cold water so it wasn't too hot.

      Hard cheeses won't effect carb counts much because they are so low but some people can eat too much and that's why there is a limit in those first 2 weeks.

      I would not use bars and shakes especially in the first 2 weeks as they introduce a lot more variables that may derail you. Bars especially contain sugar alcohols that can be very problematic. I even like to suggest avoiding sweet things during the 2 weeks as it really helps. To set a good baseline and remove some habits.

      If you do Atkins properly (high fat) you should find your cravings and hunger reduce considerably during those first 2 weeks. We have an induction recipe thread in the recipe section that you may find useful.
    • Re: New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

      Thanks for the very quick reply Sherrie,

      I have just found those things you metnioned and a great spreadsheet. I am happy to go minus the bars and shakes as sweet is not my downfall usually.

      I thought you could stay in induction for more than two weeks? I will try your coffee trick. I am happy to buy the FITDAY app as well ( $2) and see if its better, just didnt want to be juggling too many tracking tools.

      It says 1 oz of sour cream or up to 3 Tbsp of cream, so if I have a coffee does that rule me out for sour cream for the rest of the day? Sorry if its a bit of a dumb question.
    • Re: New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

      Yes I think you can but you may find you want to add some things in like nuts, strawberries etc

      You're meant to go up in 5g increments each week to find your critical carb level. But after induction, I pretty much just added some things in to make it more enjoyable and ate around 20-30g per day. Even though I did really well sometimes I wonder if I should've went up the ladder as I was very active. I eventually added refeeds when I was almost at goal to get the rest of the way.

      Some people if active or a sluggish thyroid do better going up the carb ladder. So my suggestion would be to see how you feel.

      Let me check my book, when they say tablespoon, keep in mind it will be 15mls not 20mls like ours.
    • Re: New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

      In the new book sour cream is allowed but I don't see it mentioned in the foods lists, under beverages for cream they say you can have 30 - 45 grams of cream per day. That's the only mention of cream.

      I just noticed in the new book they have suggestions for protein sizes and calories so I will add that to the induction page later.
    • Re: New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

      Hi again,

      My gosh your quick! I liked the protein sizes guidelines ( coming from a BT background I guess) cant recall seeing calories and have never been into that at all.

      I think I will just use my common sense, really, I will most likely switch to a tsp of cream.

      So what do I go by, the new book, the website or the "old book"? I think Im good with the info on the website. Gotta keep this simple.

      I know that everyone is different, but what is an average of what carb level most people can maintain at?

      I am really excited, have been making mason jar salads and going grocery shopping today!
    • Re: New to Atkins, Apps, Phase One ?

      When you want to maintain you just need to remember that adding some carbs will fill muscle glycogen stores which will mean an increase of a couple of kg. this isn't bad at all and is used up quickly by exercise. What I did was allow a 2 kg buffer for fluctuations in water, if I got close to the 2 kg I would ease off or increase exercise. You learn pretty quick just by doing that, that's why I love scales and weighing daily, much easier then counting everything once you're at goal.