Bodytrim too High in Carbs?

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    • Bodytrim too High in Carbs?


      After the first few days of Atkins phase one, I have made a personal observation and some shocking discoveries about the carb values of foods (seeing as though every other diet I have tried did not require this) and how quickly I have felt better without the carbs.

      Firstly, I have been off and on the BT roller coaster now for 5 yrs. I battled with the whole "free day" concept (even though I toned it right down) and the whole 100g stuff at dinner time (midget meal) and the running around with meat snacks in my bag (lets not even go there!) I'm not saying BT isnt a good plan, I believe it is the best of quite a bad bunch really, however, I am writing this for those who perhaps like me, were finding it onerous with each and every "fresh start" and who never quite got there.

      I am amazed at how quickly I have stopped feeling hungry on Atkins (even though I am slightly freaked out about fat in my other post), and have lost 800g each day for the last three days! Im not consumed by food and the clock, and don't feel weird eating my celery and small mini tub of cream cheese at the morning tea table AND for the first time in a very long time I feel a sense of hope.

      So perhaps if your a bit disillusioned at the moment like I am/was give this Atkins a go, I know its very early days, but when I calculated my previous days worth of food I would have had on a BT weight loss phase, it was actually quite high in carbs compared to Atkins...piece of "healthy wholegrain toast" as a carb serve at breaky, cottage cheese snacks and a moderate free day really is quite high compared to Atkins. I have found this induction more notably beneficial than that of the PO detox of BT eg havent felt nearly as deprived or bored or weird in front of my colleagues!
      I know I should start a diary, but I reckon they jinx me. Just putting it out there in case anyone may benefit from my own very brief Atkins v's Bodytrim experience :) Have a good night.
    • Re: Bodytrim too High in Carbs?

      Good luck on Atkins.
      I myself stand by and would recommend BT to anyone who asked me as have not done Atkins.

      Hope to see you get the results your hoping for :)

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      If your still looking for that one person to change your life, take a look in the mirror...
    • Re: Bodytrim too High in Carbs?

      Hi There,

      Thanks for your reply's. Cannot believe how easy atkins is! So happy to finally find "the one that works". I know its an individual thing, but I am seriously pleased about the immediate improvements Atkins has brought to me! I must be one of those who agree with low carb, definately feeling way better on Atkins.