Body Trim - coconut oil & chia seeds

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    • Body Trim - coconut oil & chia seeds

      Hi, I've been trying to find information on this but can't seem to find it anywhere... Does anyone know it you can have Coconut oil on Body Trim? Or currently use it & have not no issues with weight loss?
      Also am wondering of chia seeds are ok? I'm on body trim at the moment but becoming really interested in the whole healthy food/body/living too so don't want to have to stop.

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    • Re: Body Trim - coconut oil & chia seeds

      Hi Kimmy

      I am into my second week on BT and have had the same thoughts. I have been having the occasional tablespoon of slivered almonds mixed with the ricotta and protein powder as a snack and so far I haven't seen an increase in anything. As for chia and coconut oil, it would be interesting to find out. I put chia seeds into my sausage roll mix for the children's school lunches and on my free day I had one of the sausage rolls. I guess if you couldn't have them all the time, the free day would be the time to have it.

      But then I was always of the opinion that seeds were good for the system and helped move things along (and we all LOVE how that helps shift the weight).

      I'm sure someone more expert in all things BT will be along to answer this rather great question.

    • Re: Body Trim - coconut oil & chia seeds

      Hi Kimmy,

      I was having chia pudding for breakfast as I didn't see the difference between that and some of the smoothies etc that are suggested in the BT book. I cant say whether or not it had an effect on my weight loss as I am at a stall at the moment. It was tasty and filling though and really helped regulate bowel movements. I would sometimes incorporate a bit of coconut oil with goji berries and other superfoods. I think though that as most oils are not BT compliant, coconut oil is a no-go as BT attempts to be quite low in fat.