Back to Body Trim but now from Asia!!

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    • Back to Body Trim but now from Asia!!

      Ok I fess up... I have tried and failed... But this time I'm back and with a whole new vengeance!

      I've just finished my 3 day detox - who knew veges could be so good! I previously tried body trim but found I was really binge eating on my cheat day which I didn't like... Then I well and truly fell of the wagon & gained back the lost weight and more! 😩

      Since then, I'm moved from Australia to Singapore. Am loving it a lot - as the fact my clothes are getting a lil small will prove. I've decided that it's time to move my butt and lose this weight for once and all!!!

      I'm also getting more and more interested in wholesome, healthy and organic food and really interested in healthy living (both inside and out!). This makes it a bit more difficult as I try balance out my other additions (eg coconut oil to cook with), but sure I can make it work. Any tips would be welcomed!! 😜

      This blog has been great at providing inspiration and so informative! I love how much you all encourage one another!

      Let's go! 😃😃
    • Re: Back to Body Trim but now from Asia!!

      Hey Kimmy :)

      It will be interesting to see how you go low carbing in Singapore. Is there many choices there?

      Coconut oil is a healthy fat, some sources suggest it can give your metabolism a little boost and BT is pretty low fat anyway so some extra fat won't hurt.

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    • Re: Back to Body Trim but now from Asia!!

      Hi Kimmy :welcome: I am also a Bt failure & did exactly what you did - I tolerated the 3 day detox then thoroughly enjoyed the free day which became about a week long or more & gained back the little I had lost :mad:. I know some people can work with it & lose weight but it is not for me. The good thing about Bt is that it has helped you become interested in healthy organic food so that is a bonus. Good luck with your venture :)
    • Re: Back to Body Trim but now from Asia!!

      Thanks Sherrie! Great to know, am enjoying cooking with it (only a little of course)!

      Yay I'm not the only one who got too excited on my free day Kellan 😜 it's so good to know others have same challenges and it's not just me! Do you just do low carb now?

      Thanks you both of your encouragement!!!!
    • Re: Back to Body Trim but now from Asia!!

      Hey Kimmy,

      If there is one piece of wisdom I can pass on "Planning prevents piss poor performance". Simply by being organised and having good protein and vegies on hand it makes it alot easier to stick with.

      Tips around this -
      Doing your weekly shop and doing things like pre-packaging meat into 100-150gram lots before freezing.
      Cooking food so you get 2 or 3 meals out of the one cook.
      Having boiled eggs in the fridge
      Pack your snack with you for your day.

      Not sure how this works in Singapore as I have had friends holiday in Hong Kong and they said most people eat from street vendors and don't cook much at home. So if this is the case just stick to your meats and vegies and don't have rice :)