New Style!

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    • Re: New Style!

      The theme before was all over the place. I've cleaned it up and made it a lot easier for mum to tweak things if she needs to in future. If there's anything that doesn't look right, let mum know straight away so she can nag me to fix it :)

      P.S. From the point of view of a web designer, there was a lot wrong with the old design! Either way I was bored and needed a project, so it was fun to brighten the site up a little bit :)
    • Re: New Style!

      Looking jolly good! Not as simple a job as people think so I think Sherrie did a super job for a newbie at making web design.

      On another issue. I still don't stay logged in even though I tic the "remember me" option. it does remember my name and password but just doesn't keep me logged in like used to. No real biggie but this is the only place that is not "holding me" I have to log in always.
      Better security I guess anyhow.
      Bron Doingit
      Now to maintain.....hard work! :D
    • Re: New Style!

      A late response - but it could be to do with your browser clearing its cache or cookies every time you load it. Does it happen after you close your browser and re-open it again, or even after shutting down your computer? If you run any PC cleaning programs, they will also clear the 'memory' to keep you logged in.

      A problem I've been having is to do with Google Chrome. Usually it automatically keeps me signed into a Google Account and associates everything I do (browsing history, cookies, etc) to that account, however every time I turn off my computer it signs me out of Chrome. Everything is forgotten until I log into my Google Account again.