How Are You Going to Cope with this time of the Year?

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    • How Are You Going to Cope with this time of the Year?

      So at this time of the year we have so many social events/parties etc going on - I have just weighed in with a gain :eek: but too bad I have to just put blinkers on & get that weight off & not take notice of the distraction of all the tempting food on offer. Christmas is just one day of the year so what are you going to do to get through the lead up to this one day - I am not going to give in to the endless nibbles, Christmas cake, trifle, pavlova & everything that I love. If I 'have a little' as I kid myself then in a few hours that food is just a memory, what is that old saying 'a minute on the lips & a lifetime on the hips' so true - amazing how I think of that after scoffing food like I am a starving person. Planning for these occasions is what I need to do, so what am I going to do.

      1. Do not cut back on food, continue to eat sensibly so I am not hungry.
      2. Keep up water consumption.
      3. If I am tempted or distracted stop & think - am I hungry or thirsty have a drink first.
      4. Keep up regular exercise
      5. Calorie or carb count to keep in line.
      6. Use a food diary so I can look back at what I have eaten & if I have been hungry or not & why.
      7. Be prepared to cope with extra packets of Christmas food in the house eg chips, dips etc do not open these packets they are for visitors not for me when I am here on my own.
      8. Accept that I might slip up so continue to get back on track with the next meal. Accept also that this is not an invitation to slip up.

      Although I am annoyed with my weight gain this will not be the first time this will happen because I accept that I am not perfect if I was I would not be here. To realise that & report a gain, allows me to forget about that & get back to positive thinking & back on track instead of wallowing in pity & more food.

      We can all add to what I have said so please add your thoughts - we need to help each other :encouragement:.

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    • Re: How Are You Going to Cope with this time of the Year?

      Well kel, bodytrim has just come out with a molten mud cake chocolate brownie just in time for Christmas :)
      I can skip dessert and have a brownie with custard if they delivered in time!

      Healthy food magazine suggests you

      1. If eating a buffet style lunch/dinner pick 3 things you would like and really enjoy them instead of trying to fit everything in your plate and ending up bloated.

      2. Focus on company of guests and conversation and put cutlery down while talking or listening

      3. You could really savour your favourite Xmas meals then plate up healthy servings of your usual menu come Boxing Day - after all it is a special occasion that comes once a year

      4. Before having seconds have a walk around, help kids play a game etc and see if you do really need more food - one might of been satisfying enough

      5. Eat what you really want first, avoid grazing, train yourself to recognise a healthy portion, consider size of plate, and pour drinks in tall glasses

      Good luck to us all!

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      If your still looking for that one person to change your life, take a look in the mirror...

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    • Re: How Are You Going to Cope with this time of the Year?

      Thank you Jeni you have added some very helpful suggestions - it is a good idea to eat what you really want keeping an eye on the portion size. When I go to buffets (which I don't like to as I have trouble with such a selection) I make it a rule to not have seconds - well that is what I try to do it doesn't always work.

      I hope others will add their ideas :)

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