2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

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    • 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Hi all,

      I'm a new member who started Bodytrim Jan 1 2014. I'm not even 1 week in ( looking forward to weighing in on Wed with this site ).

      I just thought I'd do a little update for people looking at the site trying to find motivation ( like I used to do ).

      Ok so I'm 5 days in and I've lost 4.4kg - I know some of that is water but I dont care. Trying to loose 500grams last year was near impossible.

      I just followed the plan - 3 days of pure protein and eating every 3 hours and walking 5km each day ( I reckon that is as good as 10,000 steps ). I've immersed myself into low carb information, websites, apps on my phone and I'm learning a lot. It makes sense and for me a sugar, bread, pasta, rice, potato addict. The 3 days does stop the craving.

      Before I started I did this
      * bought stevia sugar for my coffee so that felt normal
      * bought a $12 kitchen scale not digital
      * weighed and measured myself
      * set a goal ( I did this by visiting the Dukan Diet website and getting my True Weight not my BMI - and for me that is a goal of 75 not 62 which is what my BMI says I should be - look into it, its good)
      * I did a visual board - just cut out some pics and stuck them on a peice of paper and pinned that to my kitchen pinboard ( I've read abut doing that before but never thought it was worth it, this time I just did it )

      I visited a shop in my neighbourhood that sells body building supplements ( a health food store would do as well) and I bought some good quality protein powder which is also a first for me and some bars. Ive eaten the bars but am still trying to work out what to do with the powder???

      The start of any new 'thing' is always a bit mentally hard but I have to say this feels SO different to the other 300 diets I have tried. This feels achievable - the immediate results are powerful and motivating and I'm not fooling myself or tricking myself. I dont feel deprived AT ALL. In fact eating every 3 hours is liberating - when I do eat there is zero guilt.

      Anyway its only day 5 but if you have been thinking about it and then stumbled into this thread I encourage you to have a go. I have lost 4.4 and have 15.6 to go but what a start.

    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Hey Hills, great loss!!!

      What type of powder did you get? was it plain or flavoured? With flavoured generally you would mix it with water and drink. I am thinking with BT you may be able to mix with yoghurt or cereal for breaky and have yoghurt/cereal as your carb serve?

      Good luck :)
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Hi Hills - what a wonderful start 4.4g lost - the way to win with losing weight is to be organised with your food, scales & measuring which you have done - there are many times I have not lost weight but I can feel my shape has changed & that is where it is important to know what your starting measurements are, then do regular measurements monthly or 6 weeks :)
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Hello lovely people

      I'm new here and started the BT program YESTERDAY (4/01/14). Hills, congrats on the loss (fluid or not it's a loss). I know it's all fluid as I weighed myself this morning and literally laughed out loud that I "lost" 1.6 Kg (FLUIDS for sure).

      Like you, this is how I prepared myself the night before starting:
      1. Went to Woolworth's and bought:
      Veal, beef and lamb minute steaks
      Smoked Salmon
      A gazillion cans of 95g various Tuna and Salmon tins
      Deli meats
      Eggs, eggs and eggs
      Hermesetas for coffee
      VODKA (break in case of emergency)
      2. Bought kitchen scales (battery was missing so made the 800 steps back to the store, 9200 steps to go)
      3. Watched DVD 1 (Get to the POINT already.....)
      4. Ate a Nutella sandwich and sucked on a Zooper Dooper (was warm night).

      Thus far....
      I actually feel a bit sick in the tummy. Bizarre thing is that I am not hungry at all - even after 3 hours
      Thought I'd stir fry some chicken strips (breast fillet) for dinner and nearly fell over with the level of carbs in the sauces!! Soy, Oyster sauce, Char Shu..arrgghhh - had a cry but a Kellenex tissue, a dash of lemon (small small small dash) oregano, salt and pepper made it yummy.

      This is Day 2 and am surprised that I don't feel like coffee (I am addict and would have it IV if I could).

      Going back to work tomorrow so that will be interesting...am packing all my snacks, lunch...

      I haven't bought any protein shakes yet...are there any acceptable ones for the PO days??

      GOOD ON YOU SHERRIE for providing this site....I am NOT ALONE!

    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      I'm trying to have the required litres of water. Am I able to have diet coke or coke Zero? I didn't buy the program...friends gave me the DVDs so I'm sort of "morphing" the program using the low carb philosophy and customising it - trying to follow as closely as possible though. Slight headache but not that bad to warrant Panadol. I'm finding that I have to force myself to eat something within the 3 hour period.

      Is it possible to be excited and scared at the same time undertaking this life changing program??

      Thank you for asking Sherrie!
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      I haven't done BT myself but I assume they would be ok. Caffeine can effect some people though so its a YMMV thing. I don't drink soft drinks anymore but its because of the benzoates (211) in it that I like to avoid.

      In the early days I used to buy the golden circle diet drinks.
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Thanks so much girls!! I had visitors and OMG SO proud that I did not let on about being on a "diet" (I get the usual saboteurs) and simply had my own black coffee AND served them some CAKE without batting an eyelid. Gone now phew!

      I'd love to join the weigh in :cheer: I am embarrassed and ashamed of the colossal weight I am at now but KNOW that with wonderful people like you for support I will finally get somewhere with this! I weighed in at 122.7 at 8 am yesterday and am sitting on 121.1 now. Am aiming for 80 kg. I think something that will motivate me is actually SEEING my photos now and keep a photo-diary of my progress (good or not so good).

      Thanks again!! woot woot!!:applouse:
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Welcome aboard!

      Nice to meet you and glad you have also joined wed weigh in!!
      Good to see you around and learn more about you - congrats on losses so far!

      I am doing BT so feel free to ask any questions :D


      [Blocked Image:

      If your still looking for that one person to change your life, take a look in the mirror...
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Hi Vixter you are now in the Weigh in - I have to say that I never tell anyone I am watching my weight because then the saboteurs come out if you mention that word 'diet'. I am not on a diet I am on a lifestyle change or woe 'way of eating' - you will enjoy this site we are a happy bunch - please start your own diary so you can make comments on how you are going :)
    • Re: 2014 New Member Bodytrim Update

      Thanks SO much...can't wait to get started on this (diary and progress) as I have NEVER charted or kept a diary (subconsciously and negatively thinking I will fail anyway) - having read the posts on here and scrolled through all the comments I am SO happy I found this site. Thank you!