Broth before exercise anyone?

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    • Broth before exercise anyone?

      Dr Steven Pinney (LCHF promotee) recommends a home made chicken broth to be taken before exercise to boost circulation. He gives detailed instructions how to make this and adds that (after a 6 hour simmer) it is a very good source of protein, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
      I'm considering making it and wonder if anyone else here on LCHF has done this and what positives they noticed.
      Can you be lazy and just take supplements with a 1/4 tsp salt in a glass of water? I have low BP (90/60 or less most times)and wonder if it's not too low?
      Humming along in maintenance... ^^
    • Re: Broth before exercise anyone?

      Were not talking about high blood pressure we are talking about people with low blood pressure whom commonly have low blood volume as well. Salt and electrolytes help. Ketosis can cause a drop in electrolytes and so does exercise, she needs to replace them.
    • Pre-workout is usually nothing. I believe the body is always primed for action when called upon to act. A workout is viewed by our body as just another form of action involving some stressful parameters that have to be dealt with. I'm not writing this to be difficult or different. This reasoning simply makes sense to me and it's part and parcel of life on a daily basis, practically speaking.

      Since I'm basing my reply on reason, it also stands to reason that if for whatever reason I had not had a proper meal the night or day before, I would more than likely be required to eat something simply to raise my blood sugar level slightly before meeting the challenge/workout that is awaiting me.

      No one in their right mind would want to go to battle with a low blood sugar level, only to start feeling dizzy half way through the workout.