Hi Everyone! Second time round on BT

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    • Hi Everyone! Second time round on BT

      Hi Everyone,

      This is my second time round doing the BT diet! I did it 2 years ago to loose weight for my 21st Birthday and i lost 10kgs in 3 months bringing my weight down to around 62kg just 4kg off my goal weight!! i loved it and how it made me feel being on the diet!

      I then moved out of home with my bf, we actually bought a place and i, of course, was the one who had to deal with all the stress of purchasing a property.
      I then fell into really bad eating habits and quite bad depression which made the eating even worse! I gained back the 10kgs and another 20kgs on top of that :(
      I went from a size 10-12 to a size 18 in 2 years...Last year my bf proposed so im getting married this November!! YAY! my first dress fitting is in March so they can order the dress, and i know i wont loose a massive amount by then but even 5kgs would be something! so i decided its time to start! I want to be a beautiful bride, not embarrassed by my weight :D

      I dont blame BT for me gaining the weight (some people think that happens with 'fad' diets) because i think it was a great plan, so ive decided to start again!
      Ive only lost 1kg in the first week which is a little disappointing but at least im not gaining!

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    • Re: Hi Everyone! Second time round on BT

      Hi Sherrie!
      Thanks for the message, I'm going alright thank you!
      I'm a little disappointed with my weight loss as I'm really not loosing much but I've completely changed my diet, I think maybe my metabolism hasn't sped up yet, but I guess as long as I loose something every week it's better than nothing! :)

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    • Re: Hi Everyone! Second time round on BT

      Hi everyone, I have been following the Atkins Low Carb diet now since late November and must admit I haven't felt this good in a long time. The craving for Bread is still there and wanting to find an alternative hunted around all the Low Carb web sites until I found Empower foods, they have a wrap that is only 3 grams and taste's simply delicious... so all the Low Carbers out there log on to the empower foods sight you will be pleasantly surprised. Trish.
    • Re: Hi Everyone! Second time round on BT

      Hi hon,
      I am sailing along nicely thanks, losing the weight very slowly... still craving bread though have tried the empower food bread and although it rises wonderfully it tends to fall at the end of cooking which is very frustrating. Has any low carbers out there got any tips for this dilemma, also whilst I think of it has anyone tried the web site Carb Central and tried any of their mashed potato products, my daughter bought their Maple syrup which I must admit is to die for. Looking forward to your reply all my fellow low carbers out there. Trish.
    • Re: Hi Everyone! Second time round on BT

      Queens make a sugar free maple syrup. If you want mashed potato have you tried cauliflower mashed with some butter, cream and cheese etc? I would be careful depending on products too much as this really needs to be a lifestyle. Everyone is different but I guess you have to ask if you want to depend on a packet to make a vegetable side dish? Especially something like mashed potato. A lot of these products have a lot of crap in them so for something that doesn't need a packet like mashed potato (as the cauliflower version is good) I really would avoid.

      Have you looked at the bread recipes in the recipe section, the oopsie roll recipe is very popular.