Bob Harper's Beginner's workout

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    • Bob Harper's Beginner's workout

      For those who would like to start using hand weights, I found this u-tube clip and downloaded a copy. It's a good introduction. Once you have a good grasp of the moves you can increase the reps and weight. I'm using 2.5kg hand weights now, but started 6 weeks ago with the 1kg, then 1.5kg. I should add that I started this at a 3 times per week interval and only this week increased to a daily 20 min workout, ditching the 30 min sunrise walks. Hope you find it useful.
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    • Re: Bob Harper's Beginner's workout

      I have to share a tip re exercise that I discovered. I've been 'jumping about' in front of the telly learning this routine for the last 7 weeks. It's now become my daily routine (about 30 mins all up). Now that I've got it under my belt, I clip on my ipod, plug in the phones and work through the sequences. I've laminated the chart to guide me, but with the music, it's a whole new ballgame (very energising). Try it and you'll enjoy exercising lots more.
      Here's the routine which follows Bob Harpers video clip link I posted earlier. You can adjust the sets and reps to suit/challenge yourself.

      1. WARM UP – Star breaths, neck stretch, shoulder rotation, oblique stretch, back stretch, lunge with knee bends, lunge with hands on feet, squats with holds
      2. SUMO SQUATS with weights – 10 sec holds between sets
      3. BICEP CURLS with pulsing - 10 sec holds between sets
      4. TRICEP EXTENSIONS (over head)
      5. TRICEP KICKBACKS (bend forward, elbows up high)
      6. ALTERNATING LUNGES with few 10 sec holds
      7. FRONT, LATERAL AND POSTERIOR RAISES + combined movement
      8. DEADLIFTS (down to shins)
      Put weights down, stretch back
      11. COOLDOWN – Knee to chest, toe touches
      Humming along in maintenance... ^^