Article: High protein bad for you

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    • Re: Article: High protein bad for you

      Welcome back Jess :)

      There's no evidence to prove it's right, it's a study on mice. You would want to think mice would do better in a high carbohydrate diet because that's what they eat. Whilst there's no lifespan study on humans there's plenty in regards to heart and diabetes. See here for some examples: low carb research

      Of course when it comes to high intensity exercise if that's your thing you would do better eating high carbohydrates around that time simply because your body can use it for energy faster then it can fat.
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      I did see that article and my thoughts were the same as yours Sherrie, that 50% protein would be very difficult to sustain, maybe that's what bodybuilders or Olympic athletes eat, and also if I don't follow this diet I am obese and have no energy to exercise so surely that will shorten my life, not to mention quality of life, so I guess the jury is out!
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      I'm not even sure if they would eat 50% protein. To put it in perspective a 3000 calorie diet which would be very modest for a hard core bodybuilder or athlete, at 50% calories would = 395 grams of actual protein. 100g of chicken breast with no skin etc is only 22g of protein. That's a lot of protein to eat!
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      i do not think it is relevant when you feed protein to an animal that normally does not eat protein

      the same as the original cholesterol experiment - they fed rabbits with food high in cholesterol. this might be relevant if the animal was a protein eater in the first place and not a vegetarian in normal life outside the laboratory

      keep that in mind when deciding if research is a well designed experiment
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      Christi wrote:

      wow, that's a lot! It is my opinion that their is a lot of negative publicity about the high protein diet, I think because it works, and the diet industry is big business, I know it sounds weird but I honestly believe that!

      I agree Christi the diet industry is big business - every week there are contradictions - low carb works for me which is mainly fresh foods, no packaged foods etc - I feel better, more energetic, not bloated, not hungry - I am my own guinea pig for what works for me - for some people BT, weight watchers, Jenny Craig frozen packaged foods etc works for them :)
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      i have found that what your ancestors had seems to determine what you should have

      so Chinese can digest lots of rice but some other people may find that is bad for them

      some people can drink wine if their ancestors are from wine drinking people and some people find that wine gives them migraines

      some people do best on reducing starch in their diet and some people do best having quite a lot of starchy foods

      best to go with what works for you and never mind what the experts say