Creamy cauliflower soup

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    • Creamy cauliflower soup

      Ok I know there is another similar recipe on this thread, but this one is also a bit of a fat bomb as

      I made this without measuring so I'll just give the ingredients

      Lots of bacon, I may have used 6 rashers roughly chopped without rind
      1 leek chopped roughly.

      Fry together till soft and add 1 litre of chicken stock

      Add one head of cauliflower and simmer till the cauli is soft.

      While this is happening, fry off more bacon (yes I know) with some shallots (spring onions? the long green ones anyway) also chopped up. Mix together a tub of sour cream and cream cheese, and then add in the bacon and shallots and mix well. This is also a great dip.

      When the cauli is softened, puree till creamy. Then mix in the dip. The cream cheese mix will melt into the hot soup.

      This is great cause you have the smoothness of the soup with little chunks of bacon and shallots which I found really lovely.

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