Mindful Eating

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    • Mindful Eating

      In the past I have been guilty of eating while reading, on the computer, watching tv etc. you know the old story you have say a bag of chips while watching tv, next thing you know the whole thing is gone. I read an article on mindful eating, and now have taken to eating totally without distraction except the conversation of my lovely daughter and also being more aware of my emotional rather than physical hunger, its early days yet, but I have already noticed a change, for example I had a small piece of pizza which I normally love and all I could taste is salt :( whereas I ate for example a cherry tomato and it was totally yum, I really enjoyed it. does anyone have any suggestions for me and my new style of eating, it be great to hear your experiences:)
    • Re: Mindful Eating

      I think being more aware of the tastes and sensations of what I eat as well as portion size may be why I struggle to lose weight, as well as like I said being more aware of physical need for food, rather than as pick me up, reward etc. also when I was younger I grew up in a large (6 children not fat) family, and sometimes we were a bit light on for cash, so it was a matter of grabbing food and eating when you could, or you might miss out, I am sure this was the experience of a lot of people, but my daughter who grew up as an only child, in a more affluent household, has no guilt about leaving food and will not eat if she isn't hungry and stops when she is full, much better attitude!
    • Re: Mindful Eating

      poor Garry, I can sort of identify with that, yes kelen I did have a problem with that but I was determined that I wouldn't be a overweight mum with overweight children, the worst thing was people's comments because I don't force her to eat everything on her plate, and them trying to force her, because of their hang ups I guess. I once had to pick her up from a sleep over, because the woman piled her plate high with food and then got angry because she couldn't eat it all, she got so upset she rang me to come and get her, it spoiled her night!
    • Re: Mindful Eating

      it is because I let her eat what she likes for breakfast bacon and eggs or even a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, its better than those cereals that are all sugar, I have even caught her eating a pie or pizza :eek: but she also loves salad and fruit, but not for breakfast, she is not keen on milk but really likes cheese and eats that every day. i have now started only eating say 20 almonds at a time, it seems to fill me up for a snack whereas before i would grab a huge handful and stuff them in my mouth on the run. now i take my 20 almonds put them on a plate and eat them one by one and it seems more satisfying than 100 grabbed on the run! sorry if i am telling you things you already know, but its a surprise to me.
    • Re: Mindful Eating

      I have started eating almonds this week so what you have to say about them applies to me as well - I am going to put some on my food scales & see how many I can eat as a small snack - I used to grab a handful of nuts or lollies & shove them into my mouth - now I find that eating the nuts individually is more filling & I eat less :)
    • Re: Mindful Eating

      Hi Christi - I have just been reading your posts and it sounds to me like you are well on your way to re adjusting the way you look at food. Eating is a big part of life and its simple really , eat well, eat sensibly and eat what you need. Being an overweight person with food issues is totally a head thing and this takes time to readjust how we see food. You are on your way. Enjoy the journey Christi and make sure you are organised and well prepared and have a cupboard full of low carb options and enjoy every meal , every mouthful.
      Congratulations on getting in the right head space to make some readjustments :)
      With best wishes Chris xxx
      Less of me - more of life !