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    • Feature Permissions for New Members

      When I first upgraded the forum software we were continuously hammered with spammer registrations sometimes 100 or more new spammers a night, forcing me to switch to moderating new registrations in an effort to keep this forum clean. I have since managed to deter most automated scripts from registering and am now just left with a trickle of spammers that consist of a human behind the screen and whom is able to answer the question during the registration process.

      I have been considering opening registrations back up and just banning the occasional spammer once they spam but after further considerations after conversations with fellow forum regulars and subsequent testing I have decided to remove moderation of registrations during the day and turn it on at night when I'm asleep.

      I have also decided to open up features to new members which were otherwise disabled until they reached a certain numbers of posts. Editing will stay disabled after 24 hours for everyone but the important ones such as signatures and custom avatars will now be freely available.

      I have also enabled attachments but placed a size limit for new members.

      The only thing I ask is as per our forum rules, no spam or advertising in these features! Signatures are to be used for motivation during your journey through the use of tickers and motivational quotes etc

      This thread contains some helpful links on how to add tickers but keep in mind our forum software has changed so it will be different but the instructions on what ticker code to use will be the same (bbcode): Custom avatars, signatures and other features
      Also we have our own tickers with instructions on how to use them with the new software: A Pinch of Health weight loss tickers! - Announcements - Low Carb Recipes and Forums

      Enjoy! :)

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    • Re: Feature Permissions for New Members

      PS: I have been testing things and I have removed moderation during the day for the last few weeks now as I'm usually around anyway which has gone well. During the evenings when I'm asleep, forum registrations will remain moderated for now.
    • We have changed software again but this time to a completely different platform. I have kept signatures etc enabled for all and I am pretty sure editing is enabled for all also unless it becomes a problem but editing will only be for a short period of 24 hours of posting.

      The 24 hour window will give you enough time to read back and correct any mistakes and for those that use their diary it will allow you to update your diary entry over the course of the day.

      I am still moderating new registrations at night when I'm sleeping whilst I get used to this new software. I don't seem to get emailed when someone registers when it's on moderation until I have approved them so please if you are still waiting to be approved during the day feel free to contact me incase I havnt seen it.

      Some features have changed with this new feature, we no longer have the blog and photo albums but these were rarely used. I can purchase these separately at a later date if we start to need them. I wouldn't mind a photo gallery at some stage but right now it seems a bit of waste.

      I hope you like the new forum. :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.