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    • I am thinking of buying some MCT Oil and seeing if that helps with energy. Does anyone use it?

      Before Maya, I used to use organic coconut oil all the time but this time around I just can't bring myself to use it, even hiding the taste in chocolate doesn't work. Also if memory serves correct only about half or maybe less is MCT and it's the MCT specifically that I want for the energy and to enhance ketosis. They use MCT now to enhance the effects of ketosis in children following a ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy. The downside however, is MCT on it's own does not handle high heat but at least it doesn't have a strong taste.

      i was reminded by seeing a thing for bulletproof coffee but theirs is too expensive so I'm going to just buy another MCT oil.
    • Re: MCT Oil

      MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides which basically is a medium chain fatty acid that your body is able to use straight away for energy like it would glucose. It doesn't require any enzymes etc to break it down into energy, its just done on the fly. Great brain food :)

      We used to have an old article on it years ago but when I did a search I couldn't find it.
    • Re: MCT Oil

      Well I am getting my first one from iherb because I have to refill Mayas supps but so far it has been the cheapest anyway at $20 for almost 1 ltr which is I think is cheaper then coconut oil. But I do remember that naturopaths used to sell it, maybe metagenics brand and it would make sence that bodybuilders would sell it also, so I don't think it will be hard to find. Maybe health stores will have it also.