why are dieticians and doctors so wrong about what diabetics need

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    • why are dieticians and doctors so wrong about what diabetics need

      it is because there are two kinds of problems

      hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia

      people who are prone to getting low blood sugar or hypoglycemia [or are on insulin] need slow release starchy carbs

      people who are prone to hyperglycemia or high blood sugar and want to avoid insulin injections do best by removing sugar and starch from their diets and having non starchy veggies with their serving of protein

      for some reason all the professionals who deal with diabetics deal with them as though they all only suffer one problem and that is low blood sugar and for that the low GI foods are the best eating plan

      for the rest of us low GI foods are not a good eating plan

      anyone can clarify this any better?
    • Re: why are dieticians and doctors so wrong about what diabetics need

      Sherrie wrote:

      I think it's also because they assume that the patient won't be able to stick with a low carb diet.

      could we we cynical here and suggest that big pharma wants doctors to lead us to needing more drugs and injectable insulin because they want the profits

      they could not be that cold could they? to put their porches before your amputated limb??????

      seriously anyone who manages their diabetes through diet denies a whole industry profits
    • I changed Endos 9 or 10 months ago and the new one was very thorough with a double appointment on the first visit.

      I was on 130 units per day of insulin and he said he wanted to get me off insulin (I thought he was dreaming) but with a change of diet one week later I was off insulin.

      The Wesley Hospital Brisbane do a lot of research and run programs and it is totally unfair to say ALL THE PROFESSIONALS yad yada yada.

      My first endo was old school but he got me to 70 years of age with all my limbs and digits and no eye or kidney damage. My new endro has got me off insulin.

      Whichever way I add it up, I still respect the pros.

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