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    • bloodtests???

      I can see the point of getting a physical and bloodtests. The problem I have is that takes a month to get into my GP - yes a month - Is there another way to get tests done - ie stickes from the chemist (as I have lipodemea I am VERY curious about my protein levels)

      ps. I live in country Victoria
    • Re: bloodtests???

      I have that problem also (waiting list) is there a standard gp you can see at all?

      I think some chemists have things like free blood pressure checks at time (Chris will know) if you can afford a blood sugar ketone meter you could keep an eye on them and watch them improve. Otherwise you can by the cheaper ketone sticks.

      Sometimes your cholesterol numbers can go up at the start of a diet due to the weight loss and extra demand on your liver and gall bladder to process it all as our fat cells store hormones which are released as we lose weight.
    • Re: bloodtests???

      Hi Chardy. Pharmacy will do free blood pressure checks and they sell -…box-bottle-00112009~8.jpg
      Specific Gravity
      Leukocyte Esterase
      Above it what it will test for , however , a blood test would be better and I think your Urea levels would indicate protein levels.
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    • Re: bloodtests???

      Hi there.......
      I take my father for blood tests and we have an ongoing referral that is kept at the pathology centre. It makes it so much easier. It would be great if you could get something like that for yourself chardyboy...............might make it easier for you.
      All the best.....
      Linaz xxx :)

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    • Re: bloodtests???

      an update:

      ok Ive been to the doctors and had temp. taken, blood pressure, listened to heart and lungs, ear check, blood tests(for Vit D, liver function, diabetes, cholesterol, THINK that's all), abdominal ultrasound done - all good. Waiting to echocardiogram. CANT SAY SHE WASNT THOROUGH!!!!!Once everything is done than shes more than happy for me to go ahead.- I was all ready to have to convince the GP that this was happening - but not even a blink - perhaps I am soo overweight that they are just glad that I am going to try something....

      Anyway since I cant really start yet (and Im losing interest), Im am going to focus on drinking 2L of water a day and having some more proper meals.

      BTW I cant find anything about the need for ketosticks in the new atkins book. Do I still need them???
    • Re: bloodtests???

      Hey Chardyboy!

      She sure was thorough, that's great that you will have that benchmark!

      Ketosticks are not necessary, they can be fun in the first month though but later they can be unreliable if you stop wasting excess ketones as that is all the sticks will measure. I loved them when I first started so its totally up with you. If you don't use them use weight fluctuations and hunger as your guide. When you go out of ketosis your weight will suddenly go up a kg or two over night and then when you go back in ketosis this weight will go also. Another symptom of going out of ketosis is a sudden return of hunger. Ketosis is really good at keeping you more satiated and less hungry. Some women will have problems with ketosis during that time of the month.

      When you first start Atkins expect to lose a few kg over the first few days, this will be a sign of entering ketosis and as long as it doesn't fluctuate upwards again you know you're still in ketosis. Some people are unlucky and don't lose that much in the first few days but most do, particularly if its your first low carb diet.

      Good luck :)
    • Re: bloodtests???

      Hi there,

      I like the idea of the ketosticks being a bit of fun. As you can see I have been having a bit of fun personalising things. I am a bit bored as I have another 2 weeks until the echo test and results (I still think this test is a HUGE 'overkill' since all the other tests are perfect).

      I saw that I am meant to take multivitamins without iron - all the ones I've seen have iron in it too - what brand is good and easy to get??

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