Lose Weight & it Comes Back

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    • Re: Lose Weight & it Comes Back

      Kel I found this doco depressing...there was no solutions to the problem:confused:. I could identify with the blonde to some degree.....but these are quite extreme case studies. I know for me after watching this it has made me more determined to make sure I learn to maintain after losing.

      The other thing I found was how uneducated these ladies are, which is determining that they stay on this vicious cycle..it make me wonder if there is more to their stories then meets the eye too! And how awful for that lady to be juicing her veg when she could make up a beautiful salad with it and add some deliciously cooked protein!

      All I can say is thanks to the universe for helping me find this forum and introducing me to low carb eating.

    • Re: Lose Weight & it Comes Back

      Hi Sam - I agree that some of it was depressing - I feel after watching it that I need to be tolerant of some people's ignorance on losing weight such as the lady juicing her veges. This is why people remain obese/overweight they do not learn to maintain because too much emphasis is put on losing weight - every week look at all the new diets just to sell the magazine but people buy the magazine & try the diet not realising they are messing with their metabolism & getting fatter :)
    • Re: Lose Weight & it Comes Back

      I haven't watched yet, too hard with Garry playing guitar in the background right now but going by your replies it sounds like you've described my reasons for being jaded with the weight loss industry and why I'm a bit iffy with things being advertised here and VLCD diets etc

      I think some people do well figuring it out on their own (this was me) and some do need guidance as Sam's whole experience has shown, the problem is most of these plans are so factored around money and marketing they use plans that are very low calorie (to ensure motivating losses which ensure happy customers in the short term that praise their product and make it viral per se which brings in lots more new customers) and/or they're very product dependent and thus in the long run do harm!

      Maybe whilst we are quiet this winter I'll work on some menus etc.