Interview with Professor Tim Noakes, Low Carb Diet Author.

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    • Interview with Professor Tim Noakes, Low Carb Diet Author.

      In interesting Interview with Professor Tim Noakes and low carb, I particularly enjoyed this part:

      Have you ever said your diet is a cure for cancer?

      No. What I’ve said is that cancer is a carbohydrate-driven disease. Cancer cells are proven to be utterly glucose dependent. Some cancers are able to get their glucose from protein, but the point remains cancer cells have to get glucose from somewhere.

      Is that view original?

      No. It’s in the 1931 Nobel Prize of physiology and medicine that went to (German physiologist and medical doctor) Otto Warburg, for discovering that cancer cells can only burn glucose. We just kind of forgot that, because cancer research went in a completely different direction.

      What direction was that?

      We invested billions of dollars into drugs to kill cancer cells. The research is driven by scientists who got it wrong, but won’t admit it. They just keep plodding along, trying to cure cancer according to a model that clearly doesn’t work.

      Although, I disagree with the start of the interview when they comment "Is your “Noakes diet” just another high-protein “Atkins” in disguise?" which touts a common myth that Atkins is a high protein diet which he does not correct them on, I assume this is because he wants to use that to say his diet is different. But at the end of the day, any low carb diet published since Atkins is ultimately just another version of the Atkins diet, which isn't a bad thing. There's nothing to be ashamed of admitting that. Ultimately, Atkins isn't the original low carb diet either and likely stems from the Banting diet, he just made the low carb diet popular and bought it to every bodies attention and now there's many low carb diets around today to choose from.

      Read the full interview here: Tim Noakes – making a ‘Real Meal’ of critics who say his diet is dangerous
    • Re: Interview with Professor Tim Noakes, Low Carb Diet Author.

      Humans are the only mammals that suffer from chronic ill health. One critic suggests it’s because we are the only animals clever enough to manufacture our own food – and stupid enough to eat it

      I love that last sentence.
      I have known about Tim Noakes and listen to some of his interviews online. I do wonder though what he mean by "moderate protein " ???? what is classed as high protein and how much is moderate ......
      The size and thickness of your palm without fingers is a good measure for a serving of animal protein. I JUST FOUND THE ANSWER TO MY OWN QUESTION :)
      I recommend reading the "Green list" of the post.

      thanks Sherrie
      Less of me - more of life !

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    • Re: Interview with Professor Tim Noakes, Low Carb Diet Author.

      That list is not much different to Atkins induction except its not true "you can choose anything you like without worrying about the carbohydrate content as all the foods will be between 0 to 5g/100g"

      One example is pumpkin which almost all varieties are moderate carb not low (at least whats available to us). Artichoke can be high too if you select Jerusalem. Sweetcorn is above ground and that's very high. Pumpkin seeds are actually high carb not low.