sweet potato

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    • Re: sweet potato

      Welcome Shannyn :)

      Technically a sweet potato, is higher in carbs then a white potato so it's not considered low carb. If you were following something like Atkins you would test it out in one of the last 2 stages where you increase your carbohydrate levels and work towards maintaining.

      Pumpkin is an interesting one, Atkins includes it in induction but it or at least the ones we have here in Australia vary between the variety. You do have a couple such as golden nugget that just make the 5g per 100g but more common varieties are higher though still a lot lower then sweet potato. But at the end of the day it's a lot better then grains and sugar.

      Are you following a particular plan?

      I compiled some lists of carbohydrate counts to help people to get know the values of various foods so they can choose instinctively as I think it helps a lot. This is a list of the various values of vegetables: carb counts for vegetables