Atkins Diet Revolution Rolls

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    • Atkins Diet Revolution Rolls

      The diet revolution rolls were in a really old Atkins book (1972) I got out of the library before going out and buying the latest one. They are really easy to make and are actually kind of like bread - great for breaky or lunch.
      Recipe follows

      3 eggs (room temp)
      1/4 tsp cream of tartar
      3 tablespoons cottage cheese/ricotta
      1-2 tsp splenda

      Separate eggs carefully. Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until stiff. In a separate bowl mix the eggs and cottage cheese. Gently fold the yolk mix into the egg whites.

      Place mix in heaps onto a lightly greased oven tray. Try and heap up as high as possible. Make about 6 piles.

      Bake in 150 degree oven for about an hour.

      0.5 grams carbs per serve.

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    • Getting more & more inspired!

      Okay, so I've got the book, I'm slowly getting my panty full of 'induction' foods...hell, I even bought the ketosis strips today...just got to get over the last hurdle and start the darn diet!!
      How crazy am I...if I had started it when I first had the 'intention', I would have been almost finished with the induction diet!! LOL
    • HaHa!! I don't really have the stomach for it, when I put the oil in my mouth I don't even breathe or swallow until I have that gulp of water to wash it down...
      The diet rolls are about 8-10 cam diameter I guess - but I'm not a great estimator. I get 6 out of the mix and they just fit on one of the big biscuit trays.

      I made these on Saturday, they are very nice..I made 12 little ones and had a couple with some soup and then later with my dinner...I prefered them while they were crunchy on top, but they went soft when I put the rest in the fridge...still nice though..
      Do you know how they freeze?.
    • They seem to freeze ok. I put just a couple in once but they were only in the freezer a few days before I took out again. They were fine though, just soft, not crunchy any more.
      My last lot were left in the oven a little too long and went too dry. In future will watch more closely and take out when golden brown, rather than darker brown. Also I left the Splenda out and not nearly as good.
    • DON'T LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

      OK OK ... I NEED HELP!

      I tried to make the revolution rolls today. What a joke ... I couldn't even get the egg whites stiff :rolleyes:

      So ... what's the secret ... how long should it take till they stiffen and why the heck wouldn't mine???

      I have some sort of splodgy mixture cooking now. I was sooo looking forward to my cauli soup and rolls :(

      ggrrr ... how pathetic I don't even know how to get egg whites stiff .... just don't call me Jamie :D hehehe
      Start date AGAIN August 24 2010

      Cazza xx
    • Thanks Sherrie,

      I too was looking for that as I recalled seeing it ages ago but couldn't find it anywhere.

      Thanks again. I used a plastic bowl so maybe that was the problem. I must buy a metal bowl today. I also bought cottage cheese in a packet and not a tub like i used to eat and it tastes weird. Is that the type you use and have you made these rolls yet?
      Start date AGAIN August 24 2010

      Cazza xx

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    • Re: Atkins Revolution Rolls

      Ok I just realised that the link in the Atkins induction recipe thread pointed to a diary, so I have moved the recipe posts into a thread of their own so its not hidden anymore.

      I will see if I can find the old thread we had on how to get egg whites stiff as the links that were here to our old site no longer work so I didn't bother moving that post over.

      If I cannot find it then the basic gist will be:

      How to Get Stiff Egg Whites

      Bring eggs to room temperature before using

      Always use steel bowl and utensils as they absorb less fats/oils.

      Make sure they're thoroughly washed and dried first.

      Do not use any egg whites with yolk in them no matter how small. I always crack each egg white into a glass first then if no yolk I will add it to mixing bowl then rinse and repeat untill all required egg whites are done. This removes the risk of ruining the other egg white that have already been successfully separated, its also good practice in case you get a bad egg.

      Using a pinch of salt or cream of tartar will help the whites stiffen. Once soft peaks form then you can start adding any sugar/sweetener.

      Thats what springs to mind, feel free to add any other tips.