Low Carb, Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse

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    • Low Carb, Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse

      I decided to make a low carb chocolate mousse today using avocado instead of cream, making it dairy free. I also used coconut cream which I keep in the fridge, when you keep coconut cream in the fridge it goes solid making it easy to use instead of cream as a dairy free whipped cream. I am not sure if the texture will be different if you used coconut cream from the pantry.

      This is quite rich so have it with berries and toasted nuts. I decided to add a shot of espresso to mine at the last minute but its not necessary. The bowl in the photo I used is 175ml so just double or triple the recipe to make a bigger batch. This is very easy to make with a stick blender.

      [h=2]Low Carb, Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse[/h]


      1 Avocado, skin and seed removed.
      1/4 cup pure cocoa powder
      2 dessert spoons of coconut cream (just add according to the texture/taste you want)
      Sweetener to taste (I used about 4 teaspoons of tagatose which wasnt very sweet)

      Optional: feel free to add either

      1 shot of espresso
      vanilla extract
      pinch of salt


      Using a stick blender or food processor blitz ingredients until thoroughly combined and smooth.

      Serve with berries and chopped toasted nuts.