whole grain - where does it come from

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    • whole grain - where does it come from

      I was a bit sneaky with the title to get your attention, but this is about whole grains in bread etc.

      I am a bit of a skeptic and I often wonder how things get a roll on and become unchallengable truths. And some even get recycled over and over again.

      Copper rings and bracelets where everywhere an punters swore green (not blue) that it all worked and was wonderful - but where are they all now???? There is an odd copper dooby around but they were everywhere before.

      Anyway it is good not to be taken in by the sheep syndrome.

      In Brisbane we have Australia's Jelly Bean Lady - Loretta. She has saved every Australian money and you will find out about her on Google.

      Now back to the whole grain, I see it promoted everywhere but surely the amount in a slice of bread cannot achieve much.

      Has there ever been any real research done on it, not just hearsay but proper research and findings???
    • Re: whole grain - where does it come from

      Whole grains generally mean more anti nutrients as well as being harder to digest. It's like sweet potatoes people go on about how much better they're but they have more carbs then a white potato!

      When my daughter was little and we were doing an elimination diet for her (I was breastfeeding so had to do it too) I was quite taken back with the fact that you were allowed to eat very refined grains but not whole grains. The reason being is that through the processing along with that "fibre" there were also a lot of natural chemicals being removed making them safe for a person with particular intolerances to eat. Having been on a low carb diet for years prior it was quite a culture shock for me. :)

      My partner was talking to someone through work the other week about diet and this person was saying how his gastroenterologist told him that he cannot eat any grains including whole grains because most people cannot digest them properly.