Low Carb Meals on a Budget

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    • Low Carb Meals on a Budget

      Ok I thought I'd start a low carb meal recipe thread specifically for the purpose of making this lifestyle cheaper. Each week we have been intentionally roasting something with the intention of then using the leftover meat for the next night. Tonight's is a lamb shoulder but I'm first going to share last weeks.

      Last weeks was a pork shoulder roast and with that Garry made a quick and easy red curry which was enough for 2 nights so that pork fed 3 of us for 3 nights!

      The roast recipe came from a recipe book titled the Clean Living Cookbook (lots of suitable recipes and what isn't will be later!) by Luke and Scott from MKR last year (the paleo guys from Bondi). Now Garry didn't do it exactly and he certainly didn't cook it for as long (and he cant remember what he did so not much help to me!) so he didn't get proper crackling. I'm a bit more patient then he is so next time I will have a try because its really good and if I'll post a proper recipe then.

      Basically what they do is score a 2-3kg pork shoulder roast (with the crackling) and rub it with coconut oil and salt (we used olive oil) and chuck it in the oven at 200C for 1 hour.

      During that time they toast some fennel and cumin seeds until fragrant then pound it in a pestle and mortar with some chilli flakes (we kept the chilli out for Maya) then they had 6 cloves of fresh garlic and pound into a paste. They then add the juice of 2 lemons and some olive oil (I prefer butter!).

      Once the hour is up you turn the oven down to 110C and remove the pork to smother in the paste and then chuck back in the oven for 5-6 hours. Take it our when almost falling from the bone let it rest and serve.

      Then the following night Garry turned the leftover pork into a red curry. Now this can be as simple as you like, you can make your own curry paste which isn't hard but Garry used a paste that he bought on his way home from work, the one he bought home was 6g per 100g which we got 6 dinners and 1 lunch for Maya from so it was less then 1g carbs from the curry paste for us. A lot of pastes are quite low carb you just have to check the labels and learn which ones are the good ones. Try to get ones without sugar or at least with very little. For a hot curry we just add some sweet pumpkin to offset the heat rather then adding sugar.

      So what Garry did is he chucked the leftover pork into the slow cooker, some chopped pumpkin and any other veg you wish, 100g of red curry paste and then a 400ml can of coconut cream, then let it cook on high for an hour or so. Once its ready he stirs in the smaller can of ayam coconut cream and serves.

      The first night I had it on green beans but I was really wishing I had it on a mash or something, the second night Garry just warmed the curry up and served it on some stir fried shredded vegetables which went really well.

      These are the photos, the first 2 are with my ipad from instagram, the last photo I used the camera.

      Roast Pork:

      Leftover Pork Red Curry with Green Beans:

      Leftover Roast Pork Red Curry with Stir Fried Coleslaw Vegetables:

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    • Re: Low Carb Meals on a Budget

      I'm pretty sure we have the recipe book. We've done some of these from his book aswell, I think I shared some pics in the blog. If memory serves correct there was a beef roast and then a beef rendang which was totally made from scratch, no bought paste and also a pork roast which was then used for a Vietnamese salad which was really yum! :)
    • Re: Low Carb Meals on a Budget

      We had heaps of roast chicken leftover from last night so Garry chucked it in with some chicken stock, veggies and some smoky bacon to make a stew. We still have heaps leftover as shown in the photo so this will form the base of low carb paella tomorrow:

    • Thanks Sherrie.

      I made a frittata last week when omy wife was looking for something simple and savoury to take to a morning tea at her church.

      I grabbed a couple of cookbooks and the recipe kind of jumped out at me.

      I used a 20 cm ovenproof frypan. The recipe in the cookbook was for twice this many ingredients in a 30 cm frypan.

      I would suggest playing around with the ingredients list according to what meat and vegetables you like and what is fresh and reasonably priced.

      6 eggs
      Fetta cheese, about half a cup chopped finely. Alternatively you can use grated tasty cheese.
      Red capsicum, about half a large one (julienned)
      Green onions (two) - or spring onions or shallots or whatever you call them
      Zucchini, about half a small one (julienned)
      Mushrooms, maybe 2/3 cup, sliced or quartered
      Ham, sausage, bacon, or other cooked meat, about half a cup
      A couple of pinches of salt, some freshly ground black pepper, and whatever other spices you like (I used hot paprika)
      Some cherry tomatoes - 6 large or 10 small - halved (you could use more, or you could slice some full-sized tomatoes)

      Add the vegetables, except for the tomatoes, to the 20 cm ovenproof frypan with a tablespoon of olive oil.
      The vegetables should fill the frypan most of the way to the top.
      Add a pinch of salt and cook the vegetables until tender but still firm. Then add the cooked meat.
      Break the eggs into a large bowl and beat very lightly with a fork. Add another pinch of salt salt, freshly ground pepper, and (optional) paprika or other spices, if using.
      Tip the eggs in on top of the vegetables. Then sprinkle the cheese and the cherry tomatoes over the top.
      Turn down the heat and let cook for a few more minutes, until the frittata starts to set but is still soft and wobbly in the middle.
      Put the frittata into an oven pre-heated to around 170 or 180 and cook for about 15 minutes or until it browns on top.

      Turn out onto a plate, let cook slightly and serve with a green salad.

      By using whatever vegetables you can find cheaply, home-brand eggs, and home brand tasty cheese that you can get for around $6 a kilo, this works out to be a really cheap meal. It keeps really well for about 3 days as well in the fridge, so it's great for taking to work (or school) for lunch.