Meta-Burn and Caffeine

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    • Meta-Burn and Caffeine

      Hi there,

      I have just started taking Metaburn this week - my first taste of fat burners. I have 2 questions:

      Is a fat burner something you take constantly, or should you stop after a month or two, and just use it when you want another kickstart? From reading the forums it seems that some people take them all the time.

      Second question is around the caffeine content - I turned to decaf coffee and caffeine-free tea 4 months ago. Is there enough caffeine in the metaburn to get me "addicted"? Maybe I should go back to real tea if I'm already consuming caffeine in this form? (I really love my English breakfast!)

      Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

    • Can't offer you too many words of "wisdom" I'm sorry Megan but when I bemoaned the fact I was now taking a supp with caffeine when I had gone to a lot of trouble (not to mention pain) to get rid of my caffeine addiction to Rossana she reassured me that it was "quality caffeine" whatever that probably meant stop bitching. ;)
    • it probably meant stop bitching.

      Haha sounds like it :D

      Some people take it constantly and some people just take it before exercise/working out. If you take it each day you will get more benefit out of it. Just make sure on your exercise days to take it 30mins prior to exercise to gain maximum benefit out of it.

      You can cycle it say every 4-6 weeks to keep your body from getting used to it.

      Maybe cycling it will keep you from getting addicted to the caffiene?