Dr. Atkins death

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    • Dr. Atkins death

      I googled "How Did Dr. Atkins Die" Was surprised to read all the sites that say he died from a heart attack
      not from hitting his head when he fell, like they wanted the public to think. He had high blood pressure
      congestive heart failure. His diet has been out since the 70"s. He suffered a heart attack in 2002 & died in
      2003 due to a heart attack. Now I'm wondering how safe this diet is. Few sites say it hasn't been proven
      because the family wouldn't allow an autopsy. I'm wondering why. So, I'm going to think about
      it more & do more reading.
    • Re: Dr. Atkins death

      Go to the research section and read all of the reasearch that has been done since his death. You're most likely reading alot of scaremongering especially if they're from people associated with PETA. I remember when he slipped on the ice walking to work and being in a coma I was here following the diet at the time.
    • Re: Dr. Atkins death

      If following a low carb diet suits the Australian cricket team and one of the AFL sides , then it is good enough for me. My recent blood tests showed my HDL had risen over my LDL both under 2 !!!! All my other readings were perfect -(my DR was fascinated) That alone will prolong my life , let alone loosing 56 kilos following this way of life.
      We all have to figure out what way of eating suits us and maybe this isn't ideal for some people, but it wouldn't be many :)
      Good luck Zulu
      Less of me - more of life !