Forum Downtime!

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    • Forum Downtime!

      FYI there will be forum downtime this week, I haven't decided on the day yet as I am still preparing. Ryan is staying over this week, so I have decided to do it whilst hes here as it will be a lot easier with both of us in the same house and that way if anything breaks I can yell out obscenities to him haha :D

      But the end result will be a new forum and slightly new look it will also be more mobile responsive. The new software doesn't subscribe by default it leaves it for you to turn on. So when you do login to the new forum make sure to go to your user settings and set up your email notifications, you can set it to automatically subscribe to threads you post in plus you can also go to a thread and turn on subscribe to that thread.

      Also, if you used a pre-installed avatar rather then your own and you like it, I encourage you to save it to your computer so you can upload it on the new forum. The new forum only transfers custom avatars as it doesn't have the option of pre-installed avatars. This seems to be the way new forum software seems to be going. I will keep my eye out for a some type of plugin so I can add it later.

      The only other things that won't be transferred over is blog posts and user galleries, I can purchase these ones separately but haven't decided yet as no-one really uses them so I won't rush with those.