Pinned Important: New Email Subscriptions and Notifications

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    • Important: New Email Subscriptions and Notifications

      I just had a quick look and took some screen captures so I can show you how to get your email subscriptions going again as well as to help show new members how to set up subscriptions.

      This new forum software doesn't do these by default. I don't automatically subscribe to threads that I post in but I seem to be now so I cant check if these were moved over from the old forum but I can tell you they are now listed as watched threads.

      The term watched threads is the same as subscribed threads. Once you have that enabled then you can tell the forums whether you want to receive notifications for them and how you wish to receive them. The notifcation system can also be used to notify you when you recieve a private message called conversation as well as when someone likes your post or mentions or quotes you in a post. You can have different notfication methods set up for each type. You may only wish to receive important notifications to your email and by going into watched threads which I have explained a few posts down from this one, you can disable and enable notifications for individual watched thread so that you have total control.

      If you want to turn off watched threads or have them or other notifications emailed to you, you can do this by going into your settings which you will find in the top right corner of the forum by clicking on your username.

      Firstly to turn automatic watched thread on or off go to your settings and then select general, then check the box for automatically watch replied threads. What this does is automatically watch any threads that you post in or create.

      Next you can choose which notifications that you would like as well as whether you want these sent to your email. On top of that you can choose to have these sent to you instantly or daily. If you want a particular notification sent to you by email but you receive a lot in a day you may prefer to have a daily email sent to you instead. Feel free to experiment.

      Other notifications that you would like to receive but not via email because they're not so important, you can leave them set as no email notification. If you don't want a notification for a particular item at all you can uncheck the box for that item, see below:

      To individually subscribe to a thread, go to the thread that you want to subscribe/watch and look for a little flag icon in the top right of the forum under the search box.

      Click on that to manage subscriptions and a pop up window will appear, in that window you can select to watch or unwatch a thread as well as whether to receive notifications for new posts to that thread. You will also notice I have circled the watched threads link to the left next to unread posts where you can go straight to a list of threads that you're watching. See below:

      Hopefully these images come across ok, please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions :)
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi Sherrie -the site looks great & has obviously taken you & Ryan a lot of your time so a big thank you - now my questions - what is the reason for members marked as Intermediate, Master, Enlightened, Professional & beginner? also what is the reason for the Points under our avatars & thank you for transferring my avatar across I had tried to copy it but was not successful :thumbup:
    • I think they're just titles that you automatically get when you reach certain amounts of posts, I'm sure I could change them to whatever we want if anyone has any ideas. I think the points thing is a similar things, I think you get points for posts, likes etc it's all automatic.

      I can probably hide the points from under our avatar if people don't like them :)
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • This screen shot goes along with the last image above but I thought I'd share for those that have everything set up correctly but one of their old threads are not giving them notifications. This is how you fix it :)

      Whenever this happens and you know you have all your settings set up, just click on watched threads up the top of the forum on the left side. This will take you to the above page. From there you go to the thread that's not giving you notifications and select manage subscriptions. You will see a checkbox that you need to check to re enable your notifications for the thread. Once checked, click save and you're good to go :)
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.