Don't panic! I have arrived!

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    • Don't panic! I have arrived!

      Well hello! Im saffron and I'm tired of being tired haha! But seriously, I started lowcarb when I was about 13 and a "pushing it" size 16. Got to a size 12 and stayed that way (well going up and down by 1 size depending on factors) till I was 21. Then moved to Australia and into a home where if it didn't have pasta, potatoes or rice, it wasn't a meal. Then the old story, baby - emergency caeser - good old fashioned helping of pnd. And a vicious return of my previously defeated sweet tooth! Despite try's are resuming my diet many times, I had the will power of a crack addict. So within a day or two I'd be wolfing down Doritos like they were going out of fashion. So now I'm sitting here, pushing size 20 and hating it
      So blah blah sob story over
      About a fortnight ago I woke up feeling the best I'd felt mentally in a long time. And I looked in the mirror and thought "you are so much better than this!" So tomorrow marks the big kablam on restarting my diet - the dreaded induction phase. In fairness the last fortnight I've been toe dipping and turning down sweets ect, but Monday we start in earnest. I've got a cupboard full of nuts and veggies and a freezer full of meat.
      My weight has always been very very odd. I gain muscle super easily so during my last decent weight loss, I went down a size but stayed exactly the same on the scales! But according to my bmi, I need to loose 30lb. And I want to fit in my size 10/12 jeans by this time next year.
      I'm glad to find a lowcarb forum and from having a quick squiz, you look like a pretty friendly bunch. I look forward to laughing, crying and getting damn fabulous with you all!
    • Welcome Saffronkitten :)

      Love your intro!

      Bmi is not always accurate so I would concentrate more on your measurement then a set number on the scale if you gain muscle so easily.

      Are you doing any exercise, if you gain so easily you should make the most of it and do some weights, will be good for your metabolism.

      Good luck and make sure to look up the oopsie rolls recipe in the breads section :)
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Hi Saffron - welcome :* I loved reading about you and where are the rest of your posts ??? How did Monday go - come on girly we are here to inspire you and motivate you and to cry with you and laugh and congratulate you so come on lady get posting !!!!

      with best wishes Chris
      Less of me - more of life !