Does eating with others make us eat more?

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    • Does eating with others make us eat more?

      Hi All
      I have read a couple of articles that say eating with overweight people make us eat more and make bad food choices I have wondered if this is really true. Today I came across this article that is actually saying eating with anyone can lead us to eat more. Would love to know what people think about this or any personal experience.
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      Why eating with other people makes us fat | Life and style | The Guardian
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    • Hey Lea, of course its allowed :)

      I think it depends on the habits of the people you're eating with, for example if they were a very health concious eater that may encourage you to eat more healthy around them.

      However if they ate junk you may eat junk also.

      When Garry and I first got together my meal size at dinner increased alot because he grew up with a big family with massive meals sizes that would race to finish first, he would tell stories where if he didnt eat quick enough his brothers would start eating his dinner whilst he was still eating it. He used to like to serve dinner up and he would always serve large servings and of course then you feel obliged to eat it because of the old fashioned mentality that was drummed into us not to waste food.
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    • Eating can be a very sociable thing, but I think it depends on your own headspace. I am not influenced in any way, shape or form by what any body else eats. I eat with a room full of bad eaters every lunch time and if anything , it makes me appreciate my simple lunch of yoghurt !
      I think if you spent a lot of time with a junk food addict, then you may be tempted , especially if you were not feeling 100 %.
      My DH lost about 18 kilos when I started low carb just from eating , basically, the same as me. . .
      I don't think eating with over weight people will make you eat more.
      Good luck on your journey Lea
      Chris x
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    • I wouldn't say that say eating with overweight people make us eat more and make bad food choices - more likely the to your own will at the time.
      I know that a overweight friend of mine is terrified that I will feed her anything close to LC/ healthy food - therefore it can occasionally be easier to have some bad food than to prepare two separate meals - my will power is also weak when something yummy is sitting in front of me!!!!

      We are all a little bit broken - but that's ok.
    • Hi
      I have seen quite a few articles on the social eating lately (not just eating with overweight peopled) and as we do have a very active social life I have been taking more notice and for me personally I have found I tend to eat less when we eat out or have friends over. But one of my friends is very overweight (and is happy that way) and I do find that when we go out she tends to comment on how little or much I eat usually with a look how much you ate good girl lol which then makes me feel guilty think I have eaten too much rather then I just ate a little more because I was hungrier then normal or hadn't eaten all day.
      Thanks for your input.
      If it's meant to be it's up to me!