BCAA supplements on a Keto/fat burning diet

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    • BCAA supplements on a Keto/fat burning diet

      This isn't a topic I know a lot about, but I thought it would be helpful to some of you, so I'll summarize what I got out of it. Please feel free to post any corrections or fill me in on anything I'm not too sure about :)


      Many people who work out in the gym to lose weight, or are trying to 'shred' without losing too much muscle mass, gravitate towards BCAA supplements. Generally speaking, BCAA supplements have no carbs and low calories, of which, all are from the protein/amino acid content. What bios3training explains is that the BCAAs when consumed on their own, will stimulate the release of insulin, thereby releasing the hormone glucagon which breaks down protein/muscle tissue into glucose (carbohydrates). With glucose in your blood stream, this becomes your body's primary source of energy, slowing down the rate at which you burn fat (not necessarily throwing you out of ketosis). He also mentions that with high insulin, you generally have low growth hormone, which isn't ideal for burning body fat.

      This information was based on research on non-athletic people, however bios3training provided some anecdotal evidence that the same holds true to people who exercise. Another thing to note is that this doesn't necessarily apply to whole foods that contain high amounts of BCAAs or other amino acids. Consuming a BCAA supplement at the same time as whole food sources may prevent or reduce the effects explained above.

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